Instagram Model Arrested After Being Revealed As One Of Australia’s Biggest Drug Dealers

If I somehow happened to show you Australian Instagram model Jordan Finlayson’s IG account, you would presumably think she was simply one more essential Instagram model.

Her profile would likewise back this up:

Well I wager you’d be shocked to realize that Jordan Finlayson is far beyond an Instagram model. Truth be told Jordan is (well, was) one of the greatest street pharmacists in Australia.

The 28-year-old and her sweetheart Martin Roser, 30, have quite recently been captured for running a significant medication managing activity after officials held onto heroin, methamphetamine and gamma butyrolactone (GBL) at their home.

Fresh twist in Beauty and the Geek star's heroin dealing nightmare she'll  spend Christmas in prison - Internewscast

The pair were accused of 15 offenses identifying with the flexibly of medications remembering providing restricted medications for a business amount.

A ‘business amount’! This wasn’t only a little side hustle for these two to acquire a couple of additional sway, this was a genuine medication managing activity. What I need to know is how Jordan and Martin were gotten? Additionally, what the heck is gamma butyrolactone? Whatever the case I conjecture the exercise here is that while being a medication managing couple is an extraordinary thought in principle, it barely ever works out IRL. You live and you learn.

Beauty and the Geek TV star Jordan Finlayson, 28, is arrested in major  drugs bust | | Express Digest
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