Instagram Influencer And Her Baby Attacked At Home In $400,000 Raid

An Instagram influencer and her half year old child were held at knifepoint and tied up by a group of men who attacked their loft, taking $400,000 (£300,000) of her property.

So Mei-Yan, a 25-year-old influencer with 80,000 devotees, was assaulted at her home in Hong Kong last Tuesday, 24 November, at around 11am by three men employing weapons who took totes, PCs and gadgets, and seven unfathomably costly watches.

Instagram Influencer And Her Baby Attacked At Home In $400,000 Raid -  LADbible

The assault is believed to be connected to various posts shared by Mei-Yan in which she presented in her home with the costly products.

In a later post, she expressed: “When I left my room to check, three men were at that point inside my level.”

She has portrayed the assailants as being of Chinese plummet, and somewhere in the range of 40 and 50 years old. The assailants wore dark careful veils and caps and seem to have utilized a vital card from another condo in the extravagance complex to access the structure.

A police representative affirmed: “As the doorbell rang, the servant opened the entryway and three men raced into the unit”

The pack tied up Mei-Yan, just as her house keeper. In any case, they likewise undermined her infant child during the episode too.

Instagram Influencer And Her Baby Attacked At Home In $400,000 Raid -  LADbible

Mei-Yan said that one of the men was ‘scouring [her] child’s brow with power, before they looked [her] home, taking the fashioner merchandise’.

The influencer claims that one of the men punched her when she clarified that she had no cash in her condo.

She posted: “I never beat my child, yet the looters set out to beat him. How about we witness what will.

Instagram Influencer And Her Baby Attacked At Home In $400,000 Raid –  worldofdaily

“I previously gave them all that they needed however they actually beat me, my assistant, and my child. The three men are futile to the point that they can just ransack ladies and children.

“They even beat a six-month-old infant kid, how improper would they say they are? I’ve told the safety officers 10 million times not to give anybody access without my authorization, but rather they actually permitted these three abnormal men in covers and covers to go higher up”.

Ultimately, so figured out how to free herself and called the police. A source told the South China Morning Post: “We are checking surveillance camera film to accumulate proof.”

It is additionally believed that the men attempted to access the structure the day preceding by acting like safety officers.

Influencer and her baby are tied up in $400k raid after she posed with  designer clothes - Internewscast
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