Influencer Insults Entire Nation After Boyfriend Washes Her Bum With Holy Water

An influencer was recorded having her beau sprinkle blessed water from a Hindu sanctuary on her bum, starting shock in Indonesia.

Czech couple Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka recorded the clasp at a sanctuary in the town of Ubud, on the Indonesian island of Bali, after which Dolezalova presented it via online media.

After posting the video, the couple immediately got masses of analysis from individuals living in the nation, who were profoundly outraged by their activities.

In the video, Dolezalova and Slouka can be seen remaining close to one another before a place of worship of heavenly water in the Bali sanctuary, before Slouka puts his hand under the running water.

His influencer sweetheart at that point twists around and lifts up her skirt, before Slouka sprinkles the heavenly water on to her bum as she shouts at how chilly it may be.

Notwithstanding the couple’s get a kick out of the video with respect to their trick, they have since caused shock in the Southeast Asian country where the spring water is utilized for custom decontamination.

As per The Guardian, experts in Bali are wanting to present new principles for sightseers visiting its numerous sacrosanct sanctuaries after an ascent in insolent conduct at the locales – incorporating individuals presenting in two-pieces and moving over Hindu structures.

Bali delegate lead representative Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati, known as Cok Ace, said at a territorial gathering meeting towards the finish of a year ago:

This is the administration’s endeavor to keep up the Pura [temples]. The sanctuaries should be safeguarded since they are the spirits of Bali’s societies and customs.

He proceeded to state that the specialists would be reconsidering the framework that permits vacationers to visit sanctuaries unaccompanied, after a decrease in the ‘nature of sightseers’.

The couple’s conduct was considered by local people to be one more case of the discourtesy appeared by vacationers towards the sanctuaries, with nearby architect Niluh Djelantik calling for Bali to turn out to be more ‘specific’ in the travelers who visit the location subsequent to watching the clasp.

Dolezalova and Slouka have since given an expression of remorse video for their activities, saying they are ‘so genuinely upset’ for what they did and that they didn’t understand it was a heavenly sanctuary or that they were utilizing blessed water.

Slouka clarified:

Hello, we are so heartbroken about the video from yesterday. We shamed the blessed sanctuary and heavenly water in Ubud and we didn’t have any acquaintance with it, so we are so grieved about what occurred.

While his sweetheart Dolezalova proceeded with the statement of regret, saying they ‘truly didn’t have any desire to do anything terrible’, adding: ‘We trust you will excuse us and now we are simply finding what we can do to fix it’.

It’s not known whether the video was accounted for to the specialists or if move has been made against the couple.

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