If You’re A 1 Or A 2 On This Chicken Eating Scale, Why Even Bother Ordering Wings?

Are you prepared for a story that has very little sense nor reason, but we say we should be discussing it? Obviously, chicken is getting a great deal of attention. Yes, chicken, the food. That is made by the fact that chicken has topped the list of food sources Americans, as per late research by The National Chicken Council. That may be true since it is also researched that humans eat 92 pounds of it. 92 pounds of chicken.

Since people love chicken so much, the chicken wing is getting a lot of Internet attention.

Thus, netizens started sharing some extremely… explicit posts about how they eat their chicken. Like, they arranged chicken wings on a plate, from least ate up to most ate up, afterward, they have started rating themselves on this newest eating scale.

In case you’re a five, you’re eating a chicken wing down to its bone. In case you’re eating a bite of meat and moving onto the next serving you’re a one — and that is obviously VERY disappointing, as indicated by the Internet.

chicken wing scale, chicken wing bone diagram

It’s difficult to explain, yet this should get the job done:

1 individuals were denounced, with people calling them “disrespectful,” “serial killer,” and “enemy of the state.”

Some foreigners even gladly announced that they the 6’s (settlers will comprehend).

The chicken jokes dive pretty deep since people truly need to figure out how each number on the scale affects themselves (and plainly have an excess of time and energy on their hands).

Obviously, this is chicken’s shining moment so even chicken fast foods and companies are tolling in:

A few groups becomes the entire chicken scale image somewhat… frustrating. For the most part, they are just quitters who eat their chicken wings boneless (I SAID IT!)

What sort of chicken wing eater are you?

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