‘I didn’t s c*m anybody’: TikToker accused of mishandling money for h 0m*less woman he fundraised for

Read Choi, a substance maker particularly notable for his TikTok recordings, is being blamed for misusing cash for a GoFundMe cause he began—to raise assets for a v agrant he highlighted in a TikTok video.


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The first video went up on the stage—where Choi has multiple million devotees—on June 26. That video, highlighting a lady he called “Martha,” has drawn in more than 2.4 million perspectives up until now. It begins with Choi presenting Martha as “a caring v agrant who just escaped the ER after a head injury.” He proceeded to take note of that she had various things taken from her, and when he’d previously experienced her, he tracked down her on the ground unfit to get up.


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The short lived cut shows Choi going to a close by Ross to satisfy a wish she had—getting perfect workout pants—and afterward completes done with Choi declaring that he’s begun a GoFundMe to help Martha further.


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“Her appreciation moved me to need to accomplish more,” Choi said in a voiceover while the video shows him accepting her.

The GoFundMe raised more than $20,000, however with the page done tolerating gifts, it’s muddled the number of contributed the amount to take care of Martha.


Marsha update part 2 clearing some confusion and misunderstandings

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Choi posted an update video on July 31 that showed him discovering Martha once more, setting her up in a lodging, getting her food, water, and toiletries, and in any event, requesting that she implore with him at a certain point.


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The video created a great deal of positive remarks from TikTok supporters commending him for his liberality, alongside a couple of references coming from a March charge on Twitter guaranteeing Choi purposely gave ladies a physically communicated illness. Some analysts blamed Choi for utilizing Martha to divert from the negative consideration he got from these claims.


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The story got an update six days prior, however, when he came on TikTok to respond to inquiries concerning where the cash raised for Martha has gone. He began the video with a disclaimer saying he would show some yet not the entirety of his receipts and wouldn’t make a Google Doc to follow the cash.


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He then, at that point, performed individuals inquiring, “For what reason do you have the cash? For what reason haven’t you offered it to her? Does she by any chance think about it?” And he then, at that point, reacted, “I have revealed to her on numerous occasions, and she has failed to remember on various occasions.” He then, at that point, said that he was giving her limited quantities of cash as a test to perceive how she would spend it, and keeping in mind that he wouldn’t uncover explicitly how, he gave sufficient subtleties—including guaranteeing she’d had different visits to the ER—to hint that she wasn’t dealing with herself in a manner he supported.


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“She has issues that are cliché of her age and her position,” he said, prior to disclosing that he’s needed to supplant things that she lost. In this way, as opposed to giving her full attentiveness over the cash raised for her, he stated that he was going through the cash for her on things that helped her.

That TikTok video explainer was met was a lot of incredulity, including the people who didn’t really accept that that attendants would abuse patient security norms to chip in clinical data to Choi.

However Choi declared in that video he wouldn’t do a subsequent video, he did one the following day to attempt to clear up what he named “disarray and errors.”

He tended to themes as differed as Martha’s memory, his own grandparents’ cognitive decline, the trouble of getting social laborers engaged with her case, and an arrival of data waiver that emergency clinics use to permit non-family members (like Choi for this situation) to get refreshes on patients. Yet, as one cynic reacted in the remarks, “He actually didn’t mention to us what happened to [the] 20k.”

Another TikToker, @dthekorean, pointed out the conceivable trick, pronouncing in a video that he informed Choi about the cash, however adding that if Choi can show that he gave the v agrant the $20,000 prior to recording the video, he would actually travel to Los Angeles and apologize.

He then, at that point, delivered a subsequent video the following day, implying to address the focal figure in the video—whose name, as the recording of the FaceTime showed—was really named Marcia. He inquired as to whether Choi had enlightened her regarding the $20,000 raised for her benefit, and she said no. She additionally added, “I believe he’s working with another person.”

The following day, Choi came out with a video discrediting dthekorean’s video. Choi straightforwardly tended to dthekorean in the video, stating, “She misled you, since like I said in my different recordings, she doesn’t confide in individuals.” He proceeded to guarantee that she was lying to secure him. He then, at that point, blamed dthekorean for worrying her and making her “somewhat jumpy” by what he described as his “cross examination.”

He then, at that point, showed what he asserted was a meeting with “Martha,” however with her face not noticeable in the meeting and with her answers stirring doubt of the meeting being arranged (and even, as a couple of analysts affirmed, done by a voice entertainer), that TikTok maybe obfuscated instead of cleared up the matter.

Lastly, to add to the investigation around Choi, TikTok maligner Aunt Karen got looking into the issue with her own summation of occasions.

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