‘Horse girl’ can run, jump on all fours

An Alberta, Canada, youngster whose abilities at copying the developments of a pony – including quadrupedal hops – became a web sensation online is currently being highlighted in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

“Pony young lady” Ava Vogel, 17, of Edmonton, said she began copying the developments of ponies around six years back, and three years prior she directed her concentration toward hopping down on the ground like an equine.

“I would take a gander at genuine recordings of ponies and I rode ponies myself so I sorted out how the pony moved and I would move that over to the human skeleton to sort out how I could apply that to myself,” Vogel revealed to CBC News.

“It took a great deal of preparing and reiteration to have the option to develop the correct muscles and a ton of extending so my wrists were sufficiently able to deal with the effect,” she said.

The young person has circulated around the web online for her Instagram recordings indicating her addressing roadblocks multiple feet high.

“I hop around and I run around on every one of the four legs and attempt to mirror a pony as well as can be expected,” Vogel said. “A few people believe it’s one of a kind and fascinating and they uphold me and many individuals believe it’s extremely peculiar and weird, which I can positively comprehend.”

Vogel’s viral aptitudes handled her in Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, which delivered its most recent release this week.

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