Homeless Uber Eats Driver Tearfully Breaks Down As He Begs People To Leave Tips

An Uber Eats driver who claims to have made under $4 for an hour’s work has caught the eye of thousands after sharing a video in which he asked watchers to tip delivery workers.

Smithson Michael, who says he is a homeless veteran, tearfully shared experience to TikToker as @deliveryguy100 while recording himself in his vehicle last week.

Michael said he wished more people knew what it feels like to work for delivery companies like Uber Eats, Postmates and DoorDash, as while clients may appreciate getting food without going out, those doing the ‘house to house’ work are frequently undervalued.

See his video beneath:

The delivery driver clarified he got a tip of $1.19 after driving for over an hour, while his payment from the app is just $2.

He commented: ‘Would it hurt y’all to tip us? Throw us five dollars? I got $1.19 tip and $2 from the app – what’s that? That’s not even enough to cover gas. How am I supposed to survive like that?’

Michael reminded Tiktokers that he is homeless, and seemed to suggest that his circumstance was going to get more troublesome as he signaled to his vehicle and said he was ‘four months behind’ in his vehicle installments.

Saying there was ‘no way [he could] pay for that,,’ he clarified: ‘Everything fell apart on me. I haven’t been able to sustain myself, provide for myself, and these are essential services.

Delivery driver in tears over lack of tips (@deliveryguy100/TikTok)

Michael cleaned away tears as he communicated his wish again that people ‘knew what it was like’ to drive for delivery applications, with his video getting more than a million views since it was first posted.

Several individuals communicated compassion toward the driver, with some reacting to the video to say they had sent Michael cash to take care of him, however, others have set fault on the companies answerable for not paying the drivers enough.

One comment read: ‘I always tip well but let’s be real… corporations are to blame.

Someone else reacted: ‘It wouldn’t hurt, and I always tip. But also these companies are exploiting you guys and they need to be regulated.’

Uber Eats app (PA Images)

Income for Uber Eats delivery drivers can rely upon various elements, as indicated by ridesharingdriver.com, including the base charge, trip supplement, promotions offered through the application and tips.

The site expresses that drivers could acquire $8-12 every hour after accounting vehicle costs, while job site Indeed recommends drivers can make $15.58 each hour.

Different recordings presented on Michael’s page clarify he is a ‘vocalist/lyricist’ who is trusting his music can ‘be a portal out of this vicious cycle.’ Addressing anyone who would send cash, he added: ‘If you’re interested in helping, you’re more than a fan – you’re like family.’

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