Hero’ bloke gets free KFC for a year by pretending to be from head office and turning up in a limo

A LAD has been hailed as “saint” online after he professed to be from head office to get free KFC for a year.

The understudy, 27, even turned up in a limo to trick staff at a few of the mainstream chain’s cafés.

The mysterious man, from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, wearing a suit and guaranteed he was from head office so as to get free chicken.

He pulled up to the KFC branches in a limo driven by a mate and glimmered a phony ID card, and said he was there to make quality affirmation keeps an eye on the food.

A staff part from one of the establishments stated: “When he showed up we would all attempt to put our best foot forward with the goal that we didn’t p**s off the man from head office.

“He was so persuading in light of the fact that he was so certain, and even partners from different parts of KFC know him.

“At the point when he came in, he raced to the kitchen and checked everything, taking notes and afterward requested examples of anything he desired.”

Notwithstanding being captured, individuals via online media depicted the man as their “legend”.

A Twitter post uncovering his stunt has circulated around the web, drawing in excess of 50,000 preferences and 22,500 offers.

A Twitter client said “He ought to be knighted, not captured! This person is a cracking LEGEND!”

One individual stated: “Not all saints wear capes.”

Another kidded: “He ought to get regarded for this, not captured. At any rate make him a Colonel.”

A lot of Twitter clients saw the interesting side and saluted the man for his endeavors.

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