Heinz kit turns ketchup, mayo into frozen treats

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and ketchup? Your Neapolitan treat could get another contort on the off chance that you are sufficiently bold.

Heinz dispatched “Do-It-Without anyone else’s help” frozen yogurt units in Britain this month.

The sauce seasoned virus treats concur with National Ice Cream Month in the UK.

For about $17, the unit gives all that expected to prepare the solidified pastry — sauce, formula card and scooper. The main thing excluded is the milk. The organization proposes you let all the fixings chill in your fridge for at any rate an hour prior to beginning.

The flavor alternatives incorporate ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and plate of mixed greens cream — in spite of the fact that ketchup is presently sold out.

You should stay with Rocky Road and treat mixture in the U.S.,since Heinz doesn’t plan to sell the packs in America. The plans can be found on the organization’s UK site.

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