‘He didn’t believe I’m deaf’: TikToker says Dunkin’ workers refused her service because she’s deaf

TikTok client @shannon_heroux posted passionate recordings claiming Dunkin’ workers declined her administration since she’s hard of hearing.

The two-section video series shows @shannon_heroux sitting in her vehicle crying as she clarifies how a worker and their administrator were inhumane and eventually denied her administration when she attempted to arrange a beverage. Since posting two days prior, the primary video amassed over 2.1 million perspectives and 347,000 preferences.

“I’ve never been denied assistance. It harms,” she says in the video.


I was refused service at a Dunkin Donuts because I’m deaf. I want to spread awareness on how this is not okay. Part one of the video. 💔

♬ original sound – shannon_heroux


She says she visited a Dunkin’ in Encino, California one evening, and the worker at the counter wouldn’t take their cover off so she could lip read.

“I was unable to hear. I wear a cochlear embed yet I wasn’t wearing it around then,” she says.

She clarified further, “I brought this young lady over, disclosed to her I was hard of hearing, and needed to pay close attention to her.”

After she more than once told the representative she was unable to get them, the administrator came over and purportedly would not record anything or pull his cover down to talk. The TikToker and the director were obviously six feet separated and isolated by Plexiglass. @shannon_heroux says she likewise kept her veil on.

“I could simply tell by his non-verbal communication and his face he was going off,” she says. “I could tell he didn’t trust I’m hard of hearing.”

Section two, posted following section one, addresses what the pandemic has meant for her emotional wellness as a hard of hearing person.


Discrimination Part 2 💔 please watch Part 1 to get an understanding of what happened and help spread awareness for the deaf community. #pandemic

♬ original sound – shannon_heroux

“I’ve been oppressed this whole pandemic,” she says.

Hard of hearing people whose liked or just strategy for correspondence is lip perusing revealed high occurrences of separation during the pandemic.

“You show me out for requesting a peach passionfruit tea, truly?”

She closes section two by requesting an expression of remorse from the administrator who rejected her administration.

“I need a statement of regret,” she cries. “What that supervisor did was off-base.”

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