Gunman tries to rob Subway restaurant but only manages to grab a few bag of crisps

This shooter neglects to pull off any money as he attempts to hold up a Subway eatery and escapes with simply a speedy bite.

The man can be seen holding a firearm up towards an individual from staff as he requested cash from the shop staff.

Be that as it may, in spite of his endeavors to hop over the counter and undermine staff they would not hand over what he needed.

In the CCTV the man goes into the sandwich shop not long before 11am.

He views prior to shaking the hand weapon and yelling.

In any case, subsequent to attempting to get into the rear of the shop and falling flat, he concludes time is up and makes his escape.

This cheat figured out how to pull off was various packs of crisps he gets in transit out.

The CCTV was given by police in Washington DC, USA, who are chasing for the man after the store on Alabama Avenue was struck last Tuesday.

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