Guinea pig ice cream now for sale

It’s a genuine frozen yogurt flavor: guinea pig.

Any individual who considers guinea pigs as pets — adorable, soft, squeaking groups of hide — might find that thought hard to process.

The rodents are a conventional hot dish in some Latin American nations, including Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. In Ecuador, individuals normally cook guinea pigs with salt and serve them with potatoes and nut sauce. Be that as it may, one merchant is taking things to another gastronomic level, serving guinea pigs as a chilly pastry.

A few people like frozen yogurt produced using “cuy,” as the creature is privately known.

“I was dubious, however it was scrumptious,” said Marlene Franco, a 78-year-old retired person who attempted a scoop at a slow down close to an expressway connecting the Ecuadorian capital of Quito to the city of Sangolqui.

The slow down proprietor is María del Carmen Pilapaña, whose unique contribution rouses incredulity and chuckling among first-time clients.

Pilapaña’s activity is little. It comprises of two tables in an open territory fixed with dental specialists’ facilities and different organizations. All things considered, request is developing. Consistently, the business visionary plans 150 servings ($1 for a cone) of guinea pig frozen yogurt.

She additionally makes 40 servings of frozen yogurt enhanced with bugs, likewise customarily eaten as a pungent tidbit, and a more modest measure of mushroom frozen yogurt.

“My family and my better half idea I was insane. They didn’t figure anybody might want these frozen yogurts, yet now they’re our principle item,” said Pilapaña, who recognizes that she had her own questions about whether her venture would pay off.

It was a near disaster. Unemployed, with three youngsters close by, Pilapaña started going to free instructional classes for business visionaries. She was tested to accomplish something inventive and, following a half year of testing, she beginning selling her scope of frozen yogurts toward the start of September.

Pilapaña figures out how to focus guinea pig flavor subsequent to cooking and setting up a pate from the creature’s substance, adds milk or cream and refrigerates the mixture until it has the unpleasant consistency of frozen yogurt. The taste is like chicken.

The scarab and mushroom frozen yogurts incorporate natural products, for example, pineapple and enthusiasm natural product. Insect frozen yogurt has a slight smell of wet earth.

Ants, cicadas and worms are utilized to make a few treats, frequently chocolate-mixed ones, in pieces of Latin America. Yet, consolidating such fixings — guinea pigs included — into frozen yogurt is surprising.

Carolina Páez, overseer of the humanities school of the Catholic University in Quito, isn’t astounded.

“The guinea pig is a significant old food in Andean indigenous social orders, particularly for its high protein content,” she said. Different societies eat different kinds of creatures, Páez stated, “so there is no motivation to be astonished that Ecuadorians eat guinea pigs, even in frozen yogurt.”

For Pilapaña, guinea pig frozen yogurt is only the start. She has new flavors at the top of the priority list: crab, chicken and pork.

“Perceiving how my business is getting, I’m certain I’ll progress admirably,” she said.

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