Gordon Ramsay Winds Up Starbucks Worker At Drive-Thru

Gordon Ramsay chose to have a fun with a Starbucks representative at a drive-through. Watch here:

The famous chef was feeling naughty as he went to get a toastie, pretending to be some sort of troublesome client he would normally have zero energy for.

In a video shared on TikTok, the 54-yeard-old enquires about the chain’s ‘amazing toasties’.

He asks: “Is that the ham and cheese Jamie Oliver toastie from the Shell garage?”

Apparently not knowing of who he is serving, the joke seems to go over the staff part’s head, so Ramsay simply continues to be a pain in the a***.

“Is there any tomato in there?” he inquires.

“It’s got mustard,,” the representative answers.

“Is it English or French mustard?” Ramsay inquires.

“American,” the representative answers.

“Oh, I’m allergic to American,” Ramsay jests.

He gave the employee a tough time. Credit: TikTok/@gordonramsayofficial

Now, you’d figure a line would be forming and the worker’s patience dissipating, yet Ramsay wasn’t done yet at this point.

In the video, he asks: “Do you do takeaways?”

The representative appropriately reacts: “It’s takeaway only.”

Ramsay fires back: “What’s 10 takeaway from 100?”

The representative doesn’t answer to Ramsay’s maths question yet he seems to let out a laugh, apparently understanding he’s being twisted up.

Ramsay posted the video yesterday (Wednesday 7 April) with the inscription: “hen I’m driving all day…. I need to have some fun PART 1.”

Here is the anticipated second part that uncovered how the Starbucks worker responded when he understood the pain in the a*** toastie-buyer was in all honesty Chef Ramsay.


Part 2 !! It’s like Harry Snotter and the Chamber of Cheeses 🧀 #driverhru #prank #fyp #HarryPotter

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Remarking on his trick, one TikTok client said: “Imagine serving Gordon Ramsay I would be so scared.”

Another remarked: “You need to go to a drive through get a burger and yell IT RAAWWW at the window.”

A third added: “That cashier was absolutely DONE and was 100% thinking how he doesn’t get paid enough for what he was going through.”

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