Gordon Ramsay Slammed For ‘Gatecrashing’ Couple’s Beach Wedding

Charlie and Laura Willis paid £1,300 to have their wedding on a private seashore in Newquay, Cornwall last month, yet the calm festivals were upset by Ramsay and his film team as they additionally showed up to use the seashore.

Ramsay showed up on Lusty Glaze seashore with the team to film a fragment for his new TV series Future Food Stars, and thus the happy wedding that ought to be the event highlight ended up like the extra.

Wedding at Lusty Glaze Beach (Sofia Yang Martinez Photography/Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings/Instagram)

However, the couple had paid to hold the wedding and meal on the seashore, a representative for Lusty Glaze said the payment doesn’t cover the exclusive use of the place.

He conceded, notwithstanding, that the conditions were ‘extremely unusual’.

As indicated by The Sun, Charlie, from Kettering, Northants, gave a gesture to one of Ramsay’s other TV programs as he said, ‘The whole thing was a complete kitchen nightmare.’

He proceeded, ‘We had both worked so hard to save for that day and we felt like extras on a gameshow.’

Gordon Ramsay (PA Images)

The couple had apparently paid for a gourmet meal for themselves and their visitors, however, with Ramsay’s group assuming control over the kitchen to film, the dinner ended up being ‘cheap and nasty’.

Because of the unintentional disruption, the producer of Ramsay’s show contacted the couple to apologize. Sharon Powers composed that they were ‘humiliated’ to have influenced the couple’s extraordinary day, adding that ‘it was never [their] intention’ to upset the couple or their guests.

As a token of generosity, the show repaid Charlie and Laura for their wedding, composing, ‘We have now paid for your wedding in full, which I hope goes some way towards making amends and acknowledging how sorry I am that your special day was affected, albeit unintentionally, by us.’

Lusty Glaze Beach (Lusty Glaze Beach Weddings/Instagram)

An agent for Ramsay told Mail Online that the chef didn’t ‘gatecrash’ the wedding, yet his creation studio was just reserved to film on the seashore around the same time as ‘different weddings and occasions were occurring’.

They proceeded, ‘It’s a real shame this couple are still complaining, their bill was generously covered, they happily chatted with Gordon on the day, they didn’t have exclusive use of the beach and all the other beach goers had a really great time joining in on and off camera.’

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