Gordon Ramsay Cries After Someone Butchers His Recipe

Ramsay took to TikTok to share his shock at the meal made by TikToker @succhefful and that was supposed to be a copycat of the famous chef’s Beef Wellington.

While using a touch of creativity in making meals can pay off at times, the TikToker truly went all out as they recorded themselves wrapping what seemed to be a corned beef in ham, prior to wrapping it in bread and cooking it in the microwave.

Look at Ramsay’s response beneath:


#stitch with @succhefful followed my #beefwellington recipe ? Mate you’ve brought me to tears 😭 #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks

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The TikToker confirmed to have ‘strictly followed’ Ramsay’s formula for Beef Wellington, however, a quick check of the chef’s site demonstrates that they didn’t. The real recipe calls for beeffilets, wild mushrooms, Parma ham and puff pastry, none of which showed up in the TikToker’s clip.

Deviating from Ramsay’s calls for thyme, salt and pepper for added flavor, @succhefful rather picked mustard and ketchup and claimed that the dish ‘ended up incredible.’

In the wake of running over the video, Ramsay was evidently too stunned to even consider discovering any words with which he could react. All things considered, he recorded himself crying as he professed to begin crying uncontrollably, writing in the inscription: ‘@succhefful followed my #beefwellington recipe ? Mate you’ve brought me to tears.’

Gordon Ramsay cries after TikToker ruins recipe (@gordonramsayofficial/TikTok)

Despite Ramsay not being dazzled with the outcome, TikTokers praised @succhefful for figuring out how to make the broadly hot-headed chef cry.

One individual remarked, ‘I think you’re the only person able to say that you’ve made Gordon Ramsay cry,’ while another said: ‘You did the impossible… congrats… you make Gordon cry.’

For any people who’s been inspired to make a decent Beef Wellington because of this TikTok video, I’d advise you make an effort adhering to Ramsay’s recipe– except if you have deep love for corned meat and ketchup, obviously.

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