Good Samaritan uses Jiu Jitsu to stop would-be baby snatcher

A spectator apparently prevented a suspect from taking a child from a lady’s carriage at a New York park a week ago.

WPIX revealed that Brian Kemsley, 33, was strolling with his sweetheart when he caught an upheaval at Madison Square Park. He apparently then recognized an obscure man attempting to grab a buggy from a lady as she held another baby.

Cellphone film seems to show Kemsley — a Muay Thai mentor—keeping the man on the ground by folding his arms and legs over him.

As per the New York Post, the NYPD reacted to the recreation center last Monday to manage an inwardly upset individual who in the long run went through a mental assessment at a clinic.

Kemsley said he understood the man was intellectually sick when, at a certain point, he seemed to accept he was conversing with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

“The man is making statements like, ‘How would you realize this isn’t my infant? For what reason would you say you are helping her? This could be my child, you don’t realize that,'” he reviewed to the New York Daily News.

As indicated by WPIX, officials showed up at the scene about 15 minutes after Kemsley interceded. No wounds were accounted for.

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