Girlfriend Tries Naked Challenge On Boyfriend Playing COD, He Responds In Ruthless Fashion

The ‘Naked Challenge’ becoming famous online on TikTok right presently includes young ladies strolling into the room bare while their beaus are playing Call of Duty and recording their responses for the lolz.

This specific bare test kinda exploded backward on the sweetheart however after her beau totally no-sold her bareness, but to give her tits a slap and return directly to his game:


this does not reflect who I am LOL i just thought this is too good😂 @imthatlauren #progamer

♬ original sound – Alex Kawaguchi

How did that not work? In any event he gave the young lady some consideration however, in contrast to this joker:


Reposting my most viral video…. I hope y’all didn’t forget .. #youhadallday #fypシ #tiktok #king #CloudBread #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Honour & Draggs

“You had the entire day” is an incredible point really. How frequently have you gone through a beautiful day with your better half and afterward simply needed to unwind and play some COD with the young men for a few hours, just for her to begin requesting sex in the most exceptional snapshot of interactivity. It’s not even about the sex, she simply needs to declare her strength over your PS4/XBox for removing your consideration from her for even only a little bit of the day. Well it would seem that an ever increasing number of beaus are getting astute to their lady friends’ stunts and are facing the mistreatment finally.

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