Girl Sewed Corn Into Her Hair To Make Cornrows

Whoever you are paying little mind to sex or age or anything truly, it’s critical to wear your hair such that causes you to feel great and sure and ideally looks great on you as well.

Girl with cornrows : youseeingthisshit

The young lady in the GIF/picture underneath might tick two out of three of these containers however certainly not the last one. I don’t generally have any sort of setting for this video yet it appears as though some little youngster is Skyping her folks and demonstrating them how she’s chosen to get cornrows by in a real sense sewing bits of corn into her hair. Take that in for a moment to consider how peculiar that would be before you watch the video beneath.

WATCH: White Woman Sews Corn Into Braids For 'Cornrows' - Trill! Magazine

Alright prepared? Possibly I’m simply being truly dumb about this yet I can’t for the life of me get the sound to work so tragically I wasn’t aware of what was plainly an amazing discussion between the guardians and the young lady, however it’s still truly entertaining simply watching her unbridled eagerness for the venture and her folks gazing on in a combination of bitterness and doubt. Truly is something different:

Goodness. That truly is something huh?

I gotta state that despite the fact that the entire sewing corn in your hair for cornrows thing is clearly a significant fascination of the video, it’s likewise a significant feature when the father removes his shades and replaces them with an alternate pair of glasses with the shades still on his head. Truly like it when he just strolls off toward the end as well. Exemplary father moves.

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