Generous Couple Leaves A $9,400 Tip So Restaurant Can Pay Its Staff

We should not play innocent. With the Covid pandemic going on, restaurants need our assistance like never before. And because of this, it’s extraordinary to see that a few people have the kindness to think about the situation of these businesses.

For example, a couple chose to leave a huge $9,400 tip at a Houston restaurant. They did this so workers at the café could get paid.

Several businesses had been compelled to close down after the Covid pandemic hit, with some closing down totally.

However, other businesses that still operate have dubious future. Indeed, some can predict a future where leaving business totally may be possible.

Most workers in the business have been laid off. A few businesses even started GoFundMe projects while others are depending on the generosity of their patrons.

This specific couple decided to stay anonymous. The two were eating at Irma’s Southwest when they chose to leave a 10,400 percent tip.

Although the couple ate food worth $90.12 only, they chose to leave $9,400 as a tip rather than the standard 20% tip, which would have added up to $18 for this situation.

Louis Galvan, the restaurant owner, admitted that the generosity of this couple truly shocked him:

“We didn’t expect it, to be honest with you. They left a gratuity for the entire kitchen and service staff, which is unexpected.”

Tip Intended To Pay Employees For A Couple Of Weeks

The couple additionally left a note with their tip. They advised the owner to “hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks.

The restaurant has 30 workers, without counting the administration.

Every worker got somewhat more than $300, which was a gift from heaven thinking that the restaurant was in “survival mode,” as per Galvan.

The business was keeping the staff around, trusting that they could ultimately pay the employees their normal wages.

The restaurant has been working in Houston since the ’80s, and it’s attempting to be there for the patrons despite the few clients they get in a day.

Unmistakably, this restaurant is resolved to endure the pandemic, and it’s extraordinary to see that there are people out there who will contribute and make such noble dreams materialize.

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