Former model turned teacher accused of sleeping with students

An examination has discovered that a wedded educator occupied with “sexual wrongdoing” with at any rate five understudies at a school in South Africa.

The occurrences are said to have occurred somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2019 and supposedly included Fiona Viotti, 30, laying down with understudies and sending them express material – some of which advanced onto online media and the grown-up site PornHub, News24 revealed.

The set of experiences instructor, who was likewise a water polo trainer at the Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, surrendered once charges encompassing her and a 18-year-old understudy became exposed in October.

Before starting her profession in training, Viotti was a model and teenager water polo star – showing up in the 2009 South African Sports Illustrated as one of the “Beauties of Sport”.

The discoveries of the examination were unveiled on Monday, nonetheless, the school head, Guy Pearson said they couldn’t make disciplinary move against the 30-year-old in view of her abdication.

Completed by free legal advisors, it included meeting many staff, students and guardians.

Viotti, whose granddad was the school head from 1964 to 1982, is said to have wouldn’t be met about the episode.

Viotti’s legal advisor William Booth, uncovered to the Times that the 30-year-old was in a “delicate state” after recordings of her were transferred to PornHub without her assent. They have now been eliminated from the site.

“She was in no situation to say something and this is anything but a criminal issue,” he said.

The entirety of the understudies included were more than 16, which is the period of assent in South Africa, and no criminal allegations have been documented as of now.

“As a school we are profoundly disheartened by these occasions and stay focused on guaranteeing the psychological well-being and prosperity of those influenced,” Principal Pearson said in an announcement.

Viotti was hitched for a year, yet it is being accounted for that she has since isolated from her significant other.

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