Former Kindergarten Teacher Facing Jail Time After ‘Inappropriate’ Relations With Teens

Prepare to be angry…again.

Such a large number of educators have been in the news as of late for their unseemly activities. From gnawing understudies to urging them to slaughter themselves, are our children truly safe when we send them to class?

A Texas kindergarten instructor is dealing with indictments after transparently confessing to having a trio with two understudies and sexual relations with two different understudies.

Heather Lee Robertson, 38, traded explicitly accused messages of an understudy on Snapchat and wound up engaging in sexual relations with four understudies all together. As per Dallas Morning News, she didn’t request that the minors wear a condom since she ‘can’t get pregnant’ so it didn’t make a difference.

Robertson has admitted to the charges, asserting she started drinking vigorously and now says she doesn’t recollect the experiences occurring.

As per the school handbook, there are severe guidelines denying understudy instructor connections.

“School workers are consistently in the public eye, and the desire is that they will consistently watch proficient limits in their own associations with understudies,” the handbook states. “Region strategy likewise denies workers from having ‘wrong associations’ with understudies.”

This is what’s esteemed as unseemly:

Interchanges with understudies, regardless of whether by phone, email, text, Twitter, instant message, or some other type of electronic or advanced correspondence whenever, except if the correspondence is legitimately identified with your appointed obligations and duties, e.g., the understudy’s schoolwork, class or group movement, school club or other school-supported action.”

Participating in close to home discussions with understudies about either the understudy’s or your very own connections or issues with companion, sweetheart, sweetheart, or noteworthy other.

Removing an understudy from school during the school day without acquiring express consent of the understudy’s parent or the head.

Visiting understudies at their homes when a parent is absent or welcoming an understudy to your home without earlier express authorization of the understudy’s parent.

Giving endowments of an individual sort (attire, aroma or cologne, gems, and so forth) to understudies at school or whenever without the parent’s information and consent.

Playing ‘top choice,’ e.g., permitting explicit understudies to pull off lead that isn’t allowed from different understudies.

Robertson is still in police guardianship. In the event that she is seen as liable for her charges, she could look as long as 20 years in jail.

Do you think there should be harsher punishments for instructors who misuse their capacity?

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