Football Club Apologizes For Filling Stadium With Sex Dolls To Inflate Attendance Numbers

A South Korean football club has been compelled to give an official conciliatory sentiment subsequent to blowing up its participation numbers with sex dolls. While fans watched the match from home so as to follow lockdown measures, FC Seoul fans saw something peculiar in the stands during the match on May 17. Cover wearing, socially removed “premium mannequins.”

Which is unusual in light of the fact that numerous watchers saw that a portion of the mannequins in the crowd were holding up signs advancing X-appraised sites. This provoked heap of grievances to FC Seoul, naturally so.

As per Dalcom, the mannequins were holding the signs on the grounds that a sex toy organization needed to take photographs before the match and afterward neglected to eliminate the signs. “They should bring all the logos down before the game began,” Dalcom chief Cho Young-june told the BBC. “Be that as it may, there were a few hairbands and logos left to be gotten by open attention.”

FC Seoul official Lee Ji-hoon demands that he thought the dolls looked “human” however conceded that he ought to have accomplished all the more burrowing about Dalcom, who gave them.

Writing in an Instagram post, FC Seoul said in an announcement, “We might want to apologize to the fans. We are profoundly grieved. We might want to explain that while these mannequins have been caused to look and to feel like genuine people, they are not for sexual use – as affirmed by the maker. We had them provided by an organization named Dalcom, which guaranteed they are dress mannequins. We twofold, triple watched that they are not for sexual use. Our goal was to accomplish something cheerful in these troublesome occasions. We will ponder what we have to do to guarantee that something like this never happens again.”

Dislike the dolls were obscenely dressed or doing anything insidious. While it’s not incredible that they were advancing X-evaluated stuff, this is a pretty guiltless mistake, all said.

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