Foot Fetishist Arrested For Stealing 100 Pairs Of Flip Flops To Have Sex With

A 24-year-old Thai man was confined by police in the city of Nonthaburi after it was uncovered that he had taken in excess of 100 sets of flip failures to have intercourse with them since he has a genuine foot obsession, the New York Post reports. Theerapat Klaiya was gotten after specialists started accepting one an excessive number of odd reports of individuals’ shoes disappearing and now he’s dealing with indictments for robbery.

Altogether, Klaiya was found to have taken 126 sets of flip tumbles, which were all taken from individuals’ homes when they left the shoes outside for the time being. Police discovered the entirety of the shoes arranged conveniently in his home when they looked through the property. They were all various tones and sizes.

Evidently, wearing others’ flip slumps truly helped him get his stones off, which is odd yet no fundamentally naturally an issue. Having a foot obsession is semi-normal, all things considered.

Evidently, Klaiya didn’t simply wear the flip tumbles around, he at that point kissed them, touched them, and had intercourse to them before throwing them to the side for the following pair. That is not courteous conduct, as you may have guessed!

Notwithstanding admitting to three tallies of evening time burglary and grabbing, he was additionally seen as blameworthy of having an illicit computerized handset and disregarding the Covid check in time, which is nothing but bad. He’s being held in guardianship until his court date yet how Klaiya will be rebuffed, as indicated by Police Major Colonel Ekkaphop Prasitwattanachai.

He’s evidently been seen as blameworthy of a similar wrongdoing in another locale beforehand. It would appear that he hasn’t educated his exercises, yet hello, I surmise you can’t disrupt the general flow of genuine affection.

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