Food delivery driver finds home with Austin couple during winter storms

Chelsea Timmons was conveying her last Favor order to address Sunday when street conditions deteriorated sooner than she anticipated.

Timmons was west of downtown Austin and intended to go to Houston subsequent to dropping off goods for Nina Richardson and Doug Condon.

At the point when she showed up at the house, she saw the carport was at a grade. Timmons said she tapped her stalls the slope, however the vehicle didn’t stop until hitting a bramble in the bloom bed.

“I was simply thankful that my vehicle didn’t hit the house.” Timmons said.

She emptied some goods from the vehicle and let the couple realize what occurred. Richardson said they attempted epsom salt, bird seeds and sand to construct foothold, yet the vehicle didn’t move. Timmons had a go at calling AAA, however all tow trucks were being utilized for crises at that point.

At the point when Condon and Richardson saw through the window AAA had not shown up, they requested that she stay the evening.

“Eventually we understood that we’re likely going to have a houseguest for a couple of days, which was fine,” Condon said.

Timmons has gone through the most recent five evenings in their visitor room that has its own washroom and a TV. They meet up for suppers, and the canines snooze bed with her, Richardson said.

“They have not just aided me through the base of the tempest, however since I haven’t had the option to make it back home they practically will not release me,” Timmons said. “Each time I recommended it they’ve quite recently been similar to, ‘Indeed, what will you eat? Would you be able to make it there? Isn’t the visitor room better compared to a Hampton Inn?'”

Since Timmons needs to make an outing back to Houston, they intend to stand by one more day to check whether the climate improves.

“In the case of everything looks great, we will send her on her way.” Condon said.

“With a jug of water, sandwiches and a few covers in the event of some unforeseen issue.” Richardson added.

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