Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Has Been Confirmed For February 2021

Exactly when you thought 2021 planned to give some feeling of routineness, Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul has been made authority for February 20, 2021, in what will be the undefeated confining legend’s first battle just shy of 2 years.

Floyd affirmed the battle himself on Instagram:

Taking a gander at the PPV evaluating framework, this battle will make a huge number of dollars:

On the off chance that you end up outside of those initial million buys? Bid farewell to the low cost of $24.99. What does $24.99 get you? A set measure of rounds where Logan Paul continues swinging and hitting only air until he’s totally depleted and Floyd takes it on a choice. Is there some other chance?

Here’s the way the contender and the YouTube star look at:

So it would seem that Logan Paul has age and reach on his side… yet Floyd has more Instagram devotees. Ha! Suck on that, Logan Paul. Goodness, also the long stretches of involvement and having a 50-0 record and being considered by numerous individuals as the best fighter ever. All things considered, would you be able to envision if Logan Paul lucks out and KO’s Floyd… in Black History Month no less?! You wouldn’t hear its finish.

While I’m certain the battle will do beast numbers, what I’m truly anticipating is the development. We definitely realize Floyd Mayweather will do and say anything to get individuals keen on a battle, however I figure the person who films dead bodies in Japanese self destruction backwoods may have something at his disposal too. Not certain what precisely we’ll see from these two throughout the following 3 months, however I’m certain it will send those PPV numbers through the rooftop. Can hardly wait!

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