Florida Woman Arrested After ‘Stripping Naked And Using Sex Toy’ At Adult Store

A Florida lady has been captured after she stripped bare and utilized a pink sex toy in a bustling grown-up shop. Theresa Stanley, 36 and from the town of Fort Pierce, is said to have strolled into the Lion’s Den Adult Superstore on Okeechobee Road a short while after 7 p.m. on August 31 and taking a toy from its bundling prior to utilizing it on herself while pantsless.

In the peculiar occurrence, somebody in the store called crisis administrations to report that a lady with a purple shirt and no jeans was making a scene. Little did specialists understand what they would discover when they showed up.

The Smoking Gun reports that Stanley had picked a “pink shaded gadget” with which to delight herself in the store. The official discovered her “sitting in an office seat with her feet up on the table” with the toy in her grasp and said that she was utilizing it “in a masturbatory way.”

The capture affirmation uncovered that after observing the official in the entryway, Stanley “quit utilizing the sex toy and dropped it on the ground.” She was before long handcuffed and accused of foul presentation and burglary, however she declined to address the official who captured her.

She has a long rap sheet that incorporates charges for requesting prostitution and ownership of medication stuff. A few months back, she was accused of stupendous robbery auto is as yet anticipating a preliminary for that. Her two latest charges from the grown-up store are just misdeeds, however given her past record, she may wind up investing some energy in jail.

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