Florida city repeals 13-year ban on saggy pants

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – After 13 years, a South Florida city has upset a restriction on “droopy jeans” – bottoms that uncover the wearer’s clothing.

The Opa-locka City Commission casted a ballot Wednesday on a 4-1 vote to annul both the first 2007 enactment and a 2013 law that said ladies, not simply men, could get common references for wearing jeans that uncovered their underpants.

The Miami Herald reports that the vote was a first perusing of the annulment, which means it should be affirmed again at an ensuing commission meeting before it’s authentic. Yet, the thing was co-supported by four of the five officials.

Around the city, which is upper east of Miami, signs actually caution people of the law. They show a picture of two youngsters wearing jeans beneath their midsections and including the words: “No uncertainties, ands or butts … It’s the city law!”

“I was never on the side of it, even as an occupant,” Vice Mayor Chris Davis, who supported the nullification, told the Miami Herald. “I felt it excessively influenced a specific fragment of our populace, which is youthful, African-American men.”

At the point when the mandate was first passed, the ACLU of Florida considered it a “silly misuse of public assets,” saying it would “force excessively brutal punishments for harmless conduct” and lopsidedly influence Black adolescents.

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