First Ever Chicken Nugget Fired Into Space

In maybe the most unusual news we’ve heard to date, a chicken strip has been launch into space.

That’s right, joining any semblance of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Tim Peake in the set of experiences books is a strict bit of breaded chicken. You genuinely couldn’t make this up.

In new pictures and film, common by market Iceland, the chunk can be seen swinging from a uniquely organized vessel, as high as 110,000 feet over the Earth – that is 880,000 pieces high.

The vessel was planned by a group of specialists in the field of stratospheric investigation, and the ‘nug was sent into space utilizing a meteorological climate swell loaded up with hydrogen, which is lighter than air, so it drifted up to the stratosphere.

Utilizing a hand crafted dispatch vehicle including essential aeronautics, assistant satellite following and incorporated camera emotionally supportive network taking video film, the singular piece could be seen drifting around in the world’s environment.

That is to say, we realized pieces were amazing, yet this one truly was.

The chunk took off from Iceland’s administrative center in Deeside, North Wales, to check its 50th birthday celebration.

They worked with Sent into Space, a group of specialists in the field of stratospheric experience, to make the scrumptious space load a reality.

(You know, Iceland, you might have recently got a cake, yet we rate the effort…)

Chicken tenders have stayed a staple in the solidified walkway all through Iceland’s 50-year history, with in excess of 10 million chicken tenders, lumps and strips sold a week ago alone.

Andrew Staniland, exchanging chief at Iceland, stated: “2020 is a colossal year for us as we commend our 50th birthday celebration, and we needed to discover approaches to stamp the event, much the same as anybody praising a birthday in lockdown.

“What better approach to show that our items are awesome than by sending one of our client top picks into space.

“We’ve all changed the manner in which we shop as of late and solidified food has never been so famous.

“We’re anticipating proceeding to praise our 50th year with clients and expressing gratitude toward them for their help.”

We will level with you – given all that insane going on the planet at the present time, we surely didn’t envision that this was what science buffs have been taking a shot at.

In any case, hello, it positively put a grin on our appearances.

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