Female PC who performed sex acts on married foot fetish sergeant while on duty KEEPS her job

A FEMALE cop was today permitted to keep her work – notwithstanding having on the job sex games with a wedded sergeant.

PC Jemma Dicks, 28, performed oral sex on Sergeant Adam Reed, 40, in a police headquarters during a 10-month throw.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding being seen as liable of gross unfortunate behavior PC Dicks was permitted to keep her employment subsequent to being given a last composed admonition.

Reed had additionally confessed to having a “foot obsession” and the station sex yet quit the South Wales power in front of the conference.

A disciplinary board decided that the two officials submitted net unfortunate behavior and that Reed would have been sacked.

PC Dicks asserted she was “programmed” into the sex demonstrations at “different areas and dates” with Reed however the board managed she was “consenting” and made “educated and intentional” choices.

PC Dicks admitted to senior officials having oral sex on “various events” while the two officials were on move together.

Regardless of conceding the offense PC Dicks put forth an edgy last attempt to spare her employment saying it had been her youth dream to continue in the strides of her police officer father.

Board seat, Emma Boothroyd said sex while on the job and at a police headquarters “was harming to the standing of the police power”.

However, she added: “PC Dicks acknowledged that it was unsatisfactory and communicated lament that she has welcomed ruin on the police.

“PC Dicks’ direct had the impact of redirecting her consideration from her obligations and the utilization of the police headquarters for these designs was rude to partners and individuals from people in general.

“PC Dicks is very much idea of by her partners in her present post and is viewed as a dedicated, tireless official.

“The board inferred that a last composed admonition would be suitable to maintain legitimate proficient norms and secure the public’s trust in policing.”

The conference was told the admonition would remain on her record for the following year and a half.


Sgt Reed quit the power in front of the conference in the wake of conceding a foot fixation and station sex but at the same time was found to have submitted net offense.

PC Dicks told the consultation she had been “complimented by the consideration” of Sgt Reed subsequent to joining South Wales Police and being presented on Roath Police Station in Cardiff.

PC Dicks stated: “He appeared to be truly decent. He was truly well disposed and receptive.

“He posed a ton of inquiries about where I had come from. He just took a distinct fascination for my life.

PC Dicks guaranteed she was left sat at her work area in the police headquarters “for quite a long time with nothing to do” – so Reed took her out on watches.

While out and about, PC Dicks said Reed would ask “individual inquiries” about her life and connections.

She stated: “I thought it was improper yet I didn’t think it was my place to address him.

“He revealed to me that he liked me from the second I strolled through the entryway at Roath Police Station.

“He disclosed to me that inside the initial a few days.”


The pair developed nearer as PC Dicks lamented the unexpected loss of her dad and got entangled in a ten-month relationship.

PC Dicks originally engaged in sexual relations with Reed at his family home in Cardiff while his better half Alexandra, 45, was away. Be that as it may, he at that point requested oral sex at the principle Cardiff Central station – remembering for the power’s private bar and kitchen.

PC Dicks stated: “The primary occurrence that occurred, I was working with a male partner when I got a content from Reed instructing me to come higher up.

“He disclosed to me that he was irritated that I had been working with a male associate and blamed me for laying down with the male partner.

“Reed was contending with me revealing to me I didn’t show him enough consideration and I didn’t disclose to him how enormous he was – alluding to his penis.

“At that point he unfastened his pants and fixed his belt and uncovered his penis prior to pushing my head towards it and I performed oral sex on him.”

Their issue became visible after Reed was blamed for taking sneak photos of another lady official’s feet with PC Dicks in his station sergeant’s office.

Sgt Reed was tested about taking the mystery feet pictures without assent – and later conceded having a “foot fixation”.

PC Dicks guaranteed she had been “conditioned” by Sgt Reed and was “head over heels” in adoration with her boss official.

She stated: “Reed persuaded me that he was defenseless. He would state to me that he was defenseless however nobody would see it like that since he was a man and that he was a sergeant.

“I was conditioned by all that he let me know. I was head over heels for him.

“The oral sex wasn’t constrained however it was clear what he needed. He pushed me down to show me what he needed and I consented to what he requested from me.

“I assume full liability. It was an enormous misstep and I truly lament what has occurred.”

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