Fans Are Begging Kim Kardashian To Use Her Lawyering Skills To Free Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian has been chipping away at breezing through her child final law test, and keeping in mind that she’s not exactly a legal advisor yet, that hasn’t prevented fans from asking the 40-year-old reality star from stepping in to assist with liberating Britney Spears from the harsh conservatorship she’s been under for over 10 years. While it may appear to be an unrealistic fantasy, I figure we would all be able to concur that crazier things have occurred and if this happened, it would be one of the best mainstream society minutes – also perhaps the best crossroads overall – in ongoing history.

britney spears kim kardashian

After she gave a moving discourse to a California judge about the terrible maltreatment and infringement she’s accomplished under the conservatorship, which is going up by her dad Jamie Spears, a few group in her group have chosen to move away from their situations as they believe they can presently don’t be complicit (however I believe it’s more similar to they’re attempting to get away from abuse). Things are terrible to such an extent that Britney’s administrator as of late affirmed the star’s aim to resign from music out and out. Can’t say I fault her!

You can’t actually accept what you read in the press constantly, yet a source (read: an exhausted assistant) disclosed to Closer that when Kim became mindful of Britney’s court proclamation, she quickly contacted the artist to offer her help. “Kim knows she’s going through a lot of hardship and that her circumstance resembles a prison sentence. She’s told her she’d do whatever she could to help her success her fight. Having a high-profile name joined to the legitimate group would give Britney’s case much greater exposure,” the source said.

The source proceeded: “Britney has given the go-ahead to allow Kim to help in whatever limit she can and requested that she email her legal counselor, Samuel Ingham. She truly likes her help.”

There’s no rejecting that what’s befalling Britney Spears is a tragedy and that she’s in urgent need of some genuine assistance to get her self-governance reestablished after such a long time. On the off chance that Kim Kardashian can be the one to help her, why should we contend?

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