Elon Musk Has Challenged Johnny Depp To A Cage Fight

Elon Musk has tested Johnny Depp to a confine battle as he keeps on being the most obtrusive and irritating extremely rich person the world has ever observed.

I simply get the gigantic impression that Elon Musk wasn’t advised to quiet down enough as a youngster. Either that or to an extreme. It’s difficult to tell, however he’s an unbearable apparatus who’s frustratingly clearly extremely savvy and rich.

In his most recent ploy to be spoken about, the Tesla big shot has tested Johnny Depp to a confine battle, as Depp proceeds with his drama esque legal dispute against both The Sun and Amber Heard in London.

An ongoing case from Depp during the long lawful cycle was that his significant other at that point – Amber Heard – undermined him by having a trio with both Elon Musk and Cara Delevigne. Totally crazy and I don’t know how Delevigne has discovered her way into this, yet there we go. That purportedly occurred, however Musk has denied it.

As The Times have it:

“I unquestionably was not having an unsanctioned romance with Amber while she was hitched to Johnny, this is absolutely bogus”.

He at that point chuckled at the possibility that he had a trio with the Aquaman entertainer and Cara Delevigne, and kept on reacting after Depp evidently gave the danger that he’d “cut off” his dick. Musk added:

“On the off chance that Johnny needs a confine battle, just let me know”.

Where did he get that from? At no time did he say he needed a confine battle; he said that he’s cut his dick off. I’ve seen Spider-Man 1 and at no time bones Saw McGraw attempt to cut any parts off Peter Parker. He has a homophobic slur tossed at him, and afterward he begins seat swinging.

It’s a disgrace yet you’d need to move Musk in the pen, wouldn’t you? It would be splendid if Johnny Depp won – not that I’m at all a fan or anything – however the man can scarcely pull his fair share, not to mention toss a pack at greater person who appears as though he frequents an exercise center.

In any case, in a brutal bit of destiny that totally no one saw coming, Mickey Rourke has got himself included.

Composing on Twitter, 67-year-old Rourke said as opposed to singling out Johnny Depp, 57, the Tesla manager ought to have a turn him.

He posted: “I recently read that ELON MUSK has tested Johnny Depp to a battle.

“I have the better thought if Elon Musk is in battling disposition he can battle someone comparable to himself, i’d readily love the occasion to take you to class mr.tough fellow Elon Musk.

“Exposed fists,elbows and knees and I will just utilize one hand-my left. We can both put down $200k a piece, the champ bring home all the glory, no principles.

“So as opposed to singling out somebody who weighs 130 lbs I am getting down on your butt.

“Hottest respects, Mickey ‘Marielito’ Rourke.” [sic]

I figure they should all participate in a Hell In A Cell coordinate.

That’d destroy any semblance of KSI and Logan Paul.

Time will possibly tell…

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