Dumped Man Gets Public To Call His Ex-Girlfriend Impersonating Chewbacca

A lady from Queensland has been getting a heap of disturbance calls after her ex put banners of her around town requesting that individuals call the number and mimic Star Wars character Chewbacca.

Everybody has their own particular manner of managing the breakdown of a relationship, yet this is surely another one.

It merits calling attention to that the man that 29-year-old Jessica, from Cairns, parted ways with had been discovered to message other ladies when she saw his Facebook account, so he’s most likely somewhat of a prat.

Gracious, he additionally unloaded a vehicle without any wheels on her carport to impede her in, which is greatly faulty. She called the police on that event to eliminate it.

Anyway, the most odd thing that this clearly unusual man did was promote her telephone number on handouts flaunting an A$100 prize for the best Chewbacca impression.

That was fourteen days prior, and there have been a lot of ‘candidates’ from that point forward.

Fortunately, Jessica is made of genuinely harsh stuff and has figured out how to see the amusing side of this bizarre endeavor to bother her.

She told 9News: “I’m getting calls at truly odd hours of the night around one o’clock to around four o’clock, yes. I idea it was very clever really, I idea it was a decent joke.”

Their three-year relationship reached a conclusion when Jessica signed into the man’s Facebook record to find that he’d been sending improper messages to different chaps while he should be with her.

Accordingly, he posted bills around town promoting a ‘Chewbacca thunder challenge’ with a prize for the best impression.

Jessica has asked any individual who sees the banners to pull them down, yet in the event that they want to make a passage, that is fine as well.

She proceeded: “Simply pull it (the banners) down please and no doubt, enjoy a chuckle for me and on the off chance that you need to settle on a telephone decision, put it all on the line. I wouldn’t fret, ready and waiting!”

It’s taken her some time to receive this position, in any case. She conceded that toward the starting the calls were upsetting for her and her youngsters – some of them were occurring in the night, awakening her children.

Jessica revealed to Cairns Post: “Somebody called and said they figured it may have been done as a joke since they watched (a man) set up the banner.

“It offends me.

“I idea when we initially met he was adult, yet it just goes to show having an employment doesn’t mean you’re developed.”

Concerning the vehicle, which he went out without any wheels so she was unable to move it, she clarified: “The police got in contact with me lastly they will take care of business.”

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