Dude Publicly Demanded His Wife And Side Chick ‘To Get Along’ On Facebook

A strangely daring man by the name of Lonnie Turner posted a Facebook status a day or two ago in which he demanded his side chick and spouse “better figure out how to get along”, or he’d locate another side chick and wife that can.

The person even posted a one next to the other photograph of the two ladies with the over the top subtitle above it:


A few people attempted to make him see reason:


Yet, Lonnie was having none of it:


As totally messed up as this seems to be, you nearly need to regard the way that Lonnie 100% accepts he merits a problem free life in which his significant other and courtesan are BFFs. It’s so whimsical yet he’s tenacious to the point that it shouldn’t be an issue that you simply need to chuckle truly. The person needs to carry on with his life the manner in which he sees fit, and his significant other and side chick are making it unthinkable for him since they would prefer not to share him. Not his shortcoming, correct?

P.S. This is Lonnie – seems as though he experiences as much difficulty being dedicated to a couple of Nikes as he does ladies:

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