Drama As Woman Strips Completely Naked Inside A Gym After Her Cat Was Denied Entry

Recordings shared via online media catches Ms Chien getting back to the exercise center on September 4 and facing the laborers over the exacting “no pet” rules.

In what will appear to be a truly stunning turn of events, a furious lady was recorded stripping n*ked in a rec center after staff individuals would not permit her pet feline in because of the exercise center’s “no pets” strategy.


56-year-elderly person, recognized by her family name Chien, had more than once showed up at the World Gym in Tamsui in Taiwan’s New Taipei City with her orange feline and was deprived of her enrollment a month ago.

Recordings shared via web-based media catches Ms Chien getting back to the exercise center on September 4 and going up against the laborers over the severe “no pet” rules.

She is seen holding her feline in one arm while contending with a female fitness coach.

The lady undermines the staff and shouts: “I have a firearm and a hand explosive. F*** you!”

Ms Chien then pushes the feline towards an individual from staff and says: “Hold my feline. Let me punch her [the trainer].”

While the staff attempted to prevent her from going further inside the rec center, she removed her garments and strolled around exposed.

Paralyzed exercise center goers looked as she at that point begins utilizing the fight rope.

Following 30 minutes of confusion, the lady was curbed and made to return her garments on when the police showed up at the exercise center.

Ms Chien was taken onto a rescue vehicle and shipped off Mackay Memorial Hospital for a clinical test by the paramedics.

She was captured on doubt of one check of sex offense and one tally of causing substantial mischief.

VIDEO: Woman strips naked at gym after her cat was denied entry | NescoMedia
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