Doctor Wipes Away $650,000 In Debt From Hundreds Of Cancer Patients

A sort hearted specialist has cleaned $650,000 of obligation from many his malignant growth patients.

Arkansas-based specialist Omar Atiq established his own disease treatment focus and as of late kept in touch with his patients advising them that their leftover obligation would be cleared.

In the wake of being open for very nearly 20 years, the middle unfortunately shut its entryways in February because of staff deficiencies. It had offered a scope of disease medicines, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Dr. Atiq has since sent occasion welcoming cards to very nearly 200 patients declaring the information on their obligation being cleared.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the note routed to his previous patients read, ‘The Arkansas Cancer Clinic was glad to have you as a patient. Albeit different medical coverages take care of the greater part of the tabs for most of patients, even the deductibles and co-pays can be troublesome.’

It proceeded:

The center has chosen to forego all adjusts owed to the facility by its patients. We thought there was not a preferred opportunity to do this over during a pandemic that has crushed homes, individuals’ lives and organizations and a wide range of stuff. We just idea we could do it, and we needed to, so we felt free to do it.

Dr. Atiq, initially from Pakistan, moved to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in 1991 in the wake of finishing an association at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and depicts his transition to the territory as ‘destiny’.

Following the kickoff of the malignant growth place in 1991, he proceeded to be the principal non-White leader of the Arkansas Medical Society, just as being named director choose of the leading body of legislative heads of the American College of Physicians in 2018.

Before declaring that his patients’ obligations had been rejected, Dr. Atiq asked David Wroten, chief VP of the Arkansas Medical Society, for his assessment on the issue.

Wroten said of their call, ‘When he called me, he needed to ensure there was nothing ill-advised about doing it. I can’t, for the life of me, envision there would be.’

He proceeded, ‘On the off chance that you knew Dr. Atiq, you would better comprehend. To start with, he is perhaps the sharpest specialist I have ever known, however he is likewise quite possibly the most humane specialists I have ever known. He really has an ardent love illicit relationship with the patients who he has seen.’

The world unquestionably needs more individuals like Dr. Atiq in it.

Watch Dr. Atiq talk about his inspiring choice here:

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