Doctor Who Posts Hot Instagram Selfies Told She’s ‘Too Pretty To Work In Medicine

A hot specialist has conceded she’s been victimized in the clinical field since she’s alluring. Dr. Medina Culver is an effective family practice doctor yet her way there hasn’t especially been smooth in light of her appearance. Indeed, one questioner once inquired as to whether she’d undermined her MCAT tests since they as a rule “don’t see ladies with your hair shading score this well.”

Culver works out of Las Vegas and incidentally turns out to be the main female accomplice at her family wellbeing practice. What’s more, notwithstanding the way that she’s more than once substantiated herself throughout the long term, she actually faces haters consistently.

Rather than being complimented by the “praises” she gets on her appearance, she rather feels irritated that the world is still so chauvinist. “I’ve been told on many occasions that I am too lovely to even consider working in the clinical field,” the 31-year-old disclosed to The Post. “Individuals state I should accomplish something different with my life, such as demonstrating or acting. It’s misogynist, destructive, and shows the twofold standard with respect to the presence of people.”

Rather than feeling humiliated of her appearance, Culver likes to flaunt her figure and appearance and demonstrate that being a specialist and being appealing aren’t totally unrelated. “Pretty ladies can be more than pretty faces,” she composed on her Instagram page. “We can likewise be boss specialists.”

Being sure about her appearance has made a few people push back, with some analysts advising her to “get over [herself]” and calling her “revolting” and “prideful.” Others blamed her for humble gloating, yet Culver isn’t withdrawing.

“I will keep making my messages of female strengthening, regardless of whether it implies taking on the savages,” she said. She accepts that ladies should “lift each other up” instead of continually talking each other down. Solid counsel!

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