Doctor Says She Can’t Find Work After Competing In ‘Miss Bum Bum Competition’

It would appear that working environment separation is as yet fit as a fiddle in 2020, after a Brazilian specialist who contended in Miss BumBum World admitted she can’t get a new line of work subsequent to contending in the huge goods rivalry.

Brazilian Doc out of Work After Competing in 'Miss Bum Bum' Conte

26-year-old doctor Rayane Laura Souza has been not able to look for some kind of employment in an emergency clinic since her entrance into the magnificence expo, which she was a top choice to win however wound up missing out to support Suzy Cortez (the psycho we once expounded on who is fixated on Lionel Messi).

Rayane needed to briefly find employment elsewhere as a specialist to contend in the event, and opened up to the Daily Star about how troublesome she’s discovering it to re-visitation of her clinical vocation:

The reality of being a lady and delightful consistently has bias.

I love to show my sexiness on my informal organization, however that doesn’t imply that I am not an incredible expert inside the emergency clinic.

There will consistently be bias, I can be a decent specialist and be exotic, I see no issue with that.

Doctor Can't Find Work After Competing In "Miss Bum Bum Competition." |  Barstool Sports

Disappearing from nonattendance from your occupation as a specialist to contend in an opposition over who has the best butt? An incredible force move. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether she was given any sign that her managers objected or whether it would be an issue for her to reappear the universe of medication thereafter, however she appears to be astounded at being closed out.

It’s conceivable that one of her bosses is a gross moderately aged lady who has consistently abhorred her guts and was simply searching in any way, shape or form to take action against Rayane and dispose of her. On the off chance that that is the situation – she gave her a very valid justification, tragically.

Anyway, there’s consistently OnlyFans. I have an inclination she’d excel on there…

Stunning doctor can't find work in a hospital after entering Miss BumBum  World — TodayHeadline
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