Dairy Worker Arrested By Cops After Bathing In Milk For Viral Video

A dairy worker has been captured for bathing in a tub loaded up with milk.

The disgusting incident occurred at a dairy community in Turkey and was recorded, with the recording being shared via social media.

Following the capture of the individual in question, recognized as Ugur Turgut, and the person who recorded it, the dairy must be shut.

In the recording, the man can be seen sploshing around in a milk shower in a handling room while utilizing a jug to wash his hair.

Since it was posted on TikTok, the Konya public investigator’s office affirmed that they began an examination concerning the occurrence.

The nearby authorities additionally fined the milk company and two workers after the police test.

During the examination concerning the stunt, officials are said to have held onto an equipment from the dairy place, which was briefly shut after it was considered to have represented a danger to human wellbeing.

Talking about the episode, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said: “Our teams were informed about the company in question based on the images showing an alleged disregard for public health and food safety at a dairy facility in Konya.”

The examination is on going.

The man was arrested after the video went viral. Credit: Newsflash
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