Dad Plays Camera Prank On Daughter While Boyfriend Is In Bedroom

A father and his little girl pulled a trick on a clueless house visitor, when he professed to place a camera in her room.

The entire thing was recorded for TikTok, where it was initially transferred, and it demonstrated Syrena Garcias and her father Ygnacio performing flawlessly.

In the video, Ygnacio can be seen remaining in the entryway of a room, while his little girl Syrena films, professing to be uninformed of the trick as it happens. The entire time, Syrena’s beau is lying on the bed watching the activity unfurl.

Syrena says to her father: “Would you be able to escape my room?”

He answers: “Actually no, not generally. So I’ve quite recently returned home, I scrub down, I see your companion in here and I don’t care for it, so now I realize I can’t confide in you guys…”

Syrena adds to address her father, saying: “Beau!”

Ygnacio proceeds: “Number one, he didn’t request that I be in the room, so I can’t believe you all, so surmise what…”

He displays a CCTV camera and fires putting it up on the divider.

Syrena, doing her best ‘irritated’ voice, says: “Would you say you are not kidding? Truly, a camera in my room, IN MY ROOM?”

Her father affirms that yes – he’s not kidding.

He clarifies: “So now I know precisely what you motherf***ers are doing. So no contacting, no kissing, no being a tease – nothing. Right?”

The sweetheart realizes he would not like to be on the awful side of Ygnacio, who is around multiple times his size, and rapidly and astutely concurs, saying: “Right!”

Syrena closes it by kidding: “This is the thing that my folks do, help me please.”

Obviously, individuals paid attention to everything very.

One TikTok client remarked: “He’s simply saying ‘in the event that you are beyond 18 years old and as yet living in my home you will comply with my principles – if not you are out.’

Another was tricked by that fantastic acting, remarking: “I mean, no doubt, possibly she broke his trust, yet and, after its all said and done a camera in the room is altogether too far. No really, it’s excessively far.”

A third was with the father, expressing: “It’s not YOUR room in the event that you don’t pay lease. Move out on the off chance that you object to their guidelines. You’ll comprehend where he’s coming from when you have children.”

Setting everything on the right track, Syrena stated: “My father could never really place a camera in my room.

“He puts stock in believing me however we had a good time shooting this video on the spot.”

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