Dad Of The Year Hangs Son Off A Cliff To Take Photo

A video of a Chinese father pulling a Michael Jackson and holding his young child off a precipice to catch the ideal keepsake photograph has circulated around the web.

The moving video is said to have been recorded at a nearby grand spot in Beijing Hongjing Road, which is a 19-kilometer street known for its lovely view and sharp curves. As you may expect, individuals are tearing into this man web based, calling him “ill suited to be a parent”, calling for him to be imprisoned, etc.

The craziest part is that they don’t have Instagram in China, so dislike he was taking a chance with his child’s life for those desired IG likes. No, he was simply after a family photograph of a valued memory among father and child. What a flat out beast!

All joking aside, while I comprehend the resentment toward this man, I don’t really think this is as awful or as unsafe as individuals are making out? Definitely OK if that child falls he’s 100% dead, yet the father won’t allow that to occur. His grasp is tight to such an extent that he even shakes him to stand out enough to be noticed at the 10 second imprint. Not just that, he has another man behind him holding him tight on the off chance that he loses his equilibrium:

No doubt I think the odds of him losing his hold on the youngster were ludicrously, inconceivably low. In any case, again I comprehend why everybody is blowing a gasket over it.

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