Dad Goes Viral After Wearing Bananas Over Crotch To Prove Clothes Aren’t ‘Non-Essential’

A father in Wales has taunted garments being classed as ‘unimportant’ things by recording himself doing DIY with only a lot of bananas covering his humility.

Stephen Matthews, 51, concocted the thought when he understood the entirety of his pants were in the clothes washer on Saturday morning when he went to get dressed.

Recognizing a few bananas in the natural product bowl, he chose to get imaginative by taping three bits of organic product to his groin while spouse Joanne, 43, was higher up taking care of their two girls.

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: DAD-OF-TWO STEPHEN MATTHEWS, 51, FROM ABERDARE, WALES, WEARS ONLY BANANAS) A dad mocked clothes being classed as ‘non-essential’ items in Wales by doing DIY with nothing but a bunch of bananas taped to his crotch. All of Stephen Matthews’ trousers were in the wash on Saturday morning when he went to get dressed, so he decided to create a makeshift pair with fruit. While wife Joanne, 43, was upstairs looking after their two daughters, Stephen raided the fruit bowl and taped the bunch of three bananas to his crotch – after ‘restricting himself’ with some tape. DISCLAIMER: While Kennedy News and Media uses its best endeavours to establish the copyright and authenticity of all pictures supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of images supplied and the publication of images is solely at your discretion. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY – 0161 697 4266.

In the recording, Stephen can be seen remaining on a work brace holding his apparatuses, with his lower half uncovered separated from the three bananas – seeing which does a genuinely great job to demonstrate that pants are pretty, erm, important.

Addressing the camera, Stephen says he accuses his humiliating outfit for the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford, referring to the ongoing commotion about certain regular things being considered ‘unnecessary’ during the nation’s firebreak lockdown.

Stephen, from Aberdare, Wales, stated: “The trivial thing has gone insane truly – I trust the administration pivot a piece.

“I thought I’d attempt and put a grin on individuals’ countenances and make an amusing video. I would not like to go down the political street.

“My significant other was higher up attempting to get the children up in light of the fact that they’d had a lie in and I had the thought in my mind before I advised her.

“She descended the steps and I had these bananas lashed to me. She said ‘what the heck – you’re wafers’.

“Bananas were the main thing I could discover truly. I confined myself with a touch of tape and I was unable to utilize some other natural product since I didn’t have any.

“All my garments were in the clothes washer and I had my shorts on. I thought I’d have a touch of fun, whipped the shorts off and stuck the bananas on.

“I was unable to have purchased any substitutions and my garments were in the clothes washer.

“I had a touch of agony taking it off however in light of the fact that it was adhered to the hairs on my legs.”

The clasp has since turned into a web sensation, having been seen multiple times and piling up 7,200 offers and 1,100 responses simultaneously.

Stephen said the recording has been such a hit that he’s even been halted in the road, while his buddies on the manufacturers’ yard have likewise been kidding about it.

He added: “I didn’t figure the video would take off just as it did.

“I’m continually taking recordings and the children simply brush it aside.

“It’s gone somewhat insane truly and it’s ascending presently. It’s going up and up and up.

“The developers’ yard have had me and a few people halted me in the road. My telephone hasn’t quit pinging today.”

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