Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn’t Pay

A pitiless clown chose to pull a trick on a striving eatery in Melbourne by requesting AU $170 (£95) of food prior to giving over a phony location and declining to pay for any of it.

The man requested 21 dinners of grub from an eatery in the Yarra Ranges territory of the Victorian city with let loose conveyance and the alternative to pay on appearance.

Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn't Pay -  LADbible

In any case, since he’d given them a dodgy location, he clearly never proposed to settle up on appearance of the food.

Presently, it’s never a smart thought to do such a thing, however particularly as Victoria has been one of the most exceedingly awful hit conditions of Australia due to the Covid pandemic.

It’s super cowardly.

In instant messages that were imparted to the driver, the man reacted with an approval when he was informed that his food was en route to him.

But it wasn’t headed to him by any means. It was en route to a false location.

At the point when the terrible conveyance driver showed up at the location, he messaged: “Address you gave isn’t right.”

Credit: Reddit

The jokester – in the event that you can even consider them that – reacted: “I know. F***heads.”

The café later communicated something specific that read: “Thank you for letting a little nearby striving business somewhere around doing these sort of cruel jokes. Endowments.”

Now, the man lost control and forceful, expressing: “You dumb c. Nobody wanna purchase your s. I have a housewife so I needn’t bother with your f***ing food.”

Someone else stated: “I don’t think individuals very comprehend what a trick is versus simply being an a**hole.”

A third individual just stated: “Wtf. Makes my head spin with rage.”

That’s right, it’s a staggeringly brutal stunt to play, particularly when eateries and accommodation organizations around the world have been battling such a great amount all through this entire loathsome pandemic.

In case you’re thinking about pulling a trick this way, have a second consider the big picture and choose not to be a flat out w***er.

Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn't Pay -  LADbible
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