Cristiano Ronaldo Removes Coca-Cola From In Front Of Him During Euro 2020 Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo moved jugs of Coca-Cola in front of him during an Euro 2020 presscon, before saying ‘Water!’.

See it for yourself:

The 36-year-old is still regarded as one of the best footballers on the planet, mainly because he keeps himself in supreme condition.

Obviously Coca Cola isn’t part of his diet, thus the Portugal captain moved two bottles before him aside, then holding high up his water and declaring ‘Agua!’ – which is ‘water’ in Portuguese.

Recently, Ronaldo opened up about his strict eating routine that he follows to keep fit.

Addressing ESPNFC, he said that a normal day includes two lunches and two dinners.

He’ll begin his day with ham and cheese and a side of yogurt, prior to eating on avocado on toast when he gets hungry later in the part of the morning.

You won't catch Ronnie supping on a Coke. Credit: PA

His first lunch will be chicken and salad, his second normally a type of fish.

Then, at that point for dinner, he’ll have two dinners of fish or meat.

We could guess that he adheres strictly to water for his drinks, in light of his actions in the presscon.

Portugal play their first match of the competition last June 15 at 5 pm against Hungary and they will depend on their charm to haul it out of the bag on the big stage indeed.

Notwithstanding his advanced years, in terms of footballing, Ronaldo supported himself to do the business.

He said: “The most intelligent thing about a footballer is the ability to adjust. I am more mature now.

“If a player wants to play for many years he needs to know how to adjust and adapt and the numbers speak for themselves. From 18 to 36 I have managed to adjust and adapt.

“I have always been able to win and on a collective level part of a team that has been able to win. I have shown that the key is to adjust all along my career.”

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