Couple M ortified After Giving S ubtle Signal That Suggests They’re S wingers

A couple blushed because they were mistaken for s wingers on vacation. Take a look below: 

TikTok user Linda recently revealed that she and her husband bought a matching swimsuit, pineapple pattern, for the trip; however, in the video posted to her account, Linda said that she did not know that pineapple was often used at the time. To show that a couple is ready to swing.

Oh Jesus. She explained that they were a little confused about why people were a little too friendly” during the tripbut it was not just Linda and her partner who were surprised by the news, but many others were commenting in the same way

Credit: TikTok

One user asked: “When did pineapple start to have this meaning? I only heard of it a few weeks ago, just because I saw it on TT.” 

Another wrote: “I think pineapple means hospitality. I have worked in assisted living facilities for 10 years and they are all pineapples. 

The third person added: I just realized that I let my boyfriend wear a pineapple shirt, and I wore a pineapple dress on vacation two years ago. 

Credit: TikTok

And another person said, “Our group learned the same thing when we were in Hawaii recently. We don’t know.”

But some people pointed out that only a pineapple hanging upside down indicates that a person is a s winger. Linda replied, Haha, my tops ibackwards.” 

Another netizen quipped: “You all know, stop playing.” 

A reallife s winger interjected and provided more information about the whole thing. Information about the incident and explained that it is more ironic than people think. 

They said: “We are a way of life, which has been so for many years. The pineapple thing is more like a joke. “Of course we will not assume and will never approach pineapples awill.” However, if you are going on vacation this summer, you may need to be more careful about what you need. Put on.

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