Cop ‘Caught Taking Picture Of Woman’s Bum’ At Drake Gig

On the off chance that you’ve ever been to a show, you’ll know the unadulterated ecstasy and joy you feel when you at long last will watch your #1 craftsman perform.

Regardless of whether you go with a gathering of companions, your life partner or a relative, your lone expectation is to appreciate the night and – in case you’re me – chime in until your throat goes all croaky.

It seems one cop in Houston had different aims however, as he was shot snapping a photo of a lady’s bum at a Drake and Migos show.

Staggeringly, the cop can be seen remaining behind the lady, calculating his telephone towards her base half to snap a photo.

The individual recording focuses in on the cop’s telephone, plainly indicating the screen on camera mode zeroing in on the lady’s bum.

He at that point snaps the photo and keeps on remaining out of the way of the room where the gig was occurring in Houston’s Toyota Center.

The cop would then be able to be seen going onto his camera move, prior to tapping on the image and gazing at it for a couple of moments.

From what we can see from the video, it likewise creates the impression that the man sends the image on to various individuals in his contacts.

He at that point returns his telephone to his pocket prior to checking out him, apparently to check whether anybody had spotted him.

Sadly for him they had and incredibly the show goer figured out how to catch the entire dreadful conduct on camera.

As indicated by TMZ, Houston PD is now making a move and has dispatched an inward examination concerning the issue.

They stated:

The activities portrayed on the video are not steady with the desires we have for our faculty.

The individual who shot the episode transferred the video onto her Twitter and it immediately became famous online, having 23,000+ retweets and 60,000+ preferences at the hour of composing (October 4).

She at that point proceeded to tell ABC13:

He was truly absent to the way that there were individuals above him that could really observe his telephone and see what he was doing.

At the time I resembled giggling, I resembled, ‘Amazing, this resembles, this is insane. I can’t trust I am really observing what I am seeing.’

She at that point clarified that she chanced upon the lady from the video later on in the latrines, and she informed her regarding the cop taking photographs of her without her assent. Clearly she dismissed the occurrence, however a lot more are not ready to do as such.

An influx of irate individuals reacted to the tweet, saying that the cop’s conduct is just not worthy:

Albeit taking pictures of ladies without their assent in this manner isn’t illicit, it is unpleasant as hellfire and is made considerably creepier by the reality for this situation the cop was unmistakably on the job when acting along these lines.

You can watch the second it occurs here:

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