Charity Shops Are Begging People To Stop Donating Copies Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

Over in Swansea, an Oxfam good cause shop has essentially asked local people to quit giving Fifty Shades Of Gray to them since they have such a large number of duplicates and can’t sell them. Lol.

They’re rather requesting that individuals give 60s and 70s vinyl for some obscure explanation. I guess anything is in a way that is better than having an excess of duplicates of 50 Shades Of Gray however right?

Storekeeper supervisor Phil Broadhurst disclosed to BBC Radio 5 Live:

It’s been since the time the books previously came out.

At the point when they previously came out, we needed them, since it was our smash hit book for half a month.

And afterward since the time at that point, we’ve had bunches of individuals edgy to dispose of them and [they] get them constant.

Well I can’t state I’m astounded – 50 Shades Of Gray is finished trash. Clearly the store has more than 100 duplicates of it in there now, and a lot more have must be shipped off distribution centers to be sold on the web or turned in mash. In case you’re considering giving a duplicate, help everybody out and toss it in the reusing – good health. Or then again consume them.

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