Champion Figure Skater Quits Sports To Become Adult Film Star

A previous victor professional skater has made a significant vocation change after she chose to give up games to turn into a porno star all things being equal. Melissa Bulanhagui, 29, embraced the stage name Jada Kai and proceeded to turn into an extraordinarily famous pornography star notwithstanding her severe Catholic childhood. She’s never thought back since!

Conversing with individual porno star Asa Akira on The Pornhub Podcast, Jada reviewed her experience on Team USA and the force of being an expert competitor. “I was on Team USA for a very long time, I grew up skating, my folks were super-Asian and they pushed me in the game,” she said. “I wound up being excessively effective in it from age 14 to school. At that point I changed to Team Philippines, in 2011, and sought them for a very long time.”

The change in Jada came after she graduated secondary school. “After secondary school, I turned into a horny young lady – I was frightened by turning into an old virgin. In this way, I connected with my whorish roots,” she described. “It was hard for me, I felt like individuals would pass judgment on me since skating was a super-traditionalist game and the circle’s so little. I recall when I lost my virginity I wanted to tell everybody.”

Not long before the Sochi Olympics, Jada’s gold award dreams stopped when she encountered a physical issue and was supplanted on the team.I won nationals and Olympics qualifiers were around the bend,” she said. “What’s more, when I got some information about the application, they said ‘goodness, we’re going to send the lesser hero all things considered… ‘ I had relinquished everything, and I was acceptable.”

In the wake of instructing figure skating in Thailand and in Colorado, she chose to go out to California as she was feeling worn out from her work as a mentor in addition to her side occupation as a barkeep.

In the wake of viewing a couple of narratives on webcamming, she attempted it herself and began making about $200 every night. From that point, she joined the universe of pornography and keeping in mind that she’s as yet a relative newcomer, she’s now doing truly well. “I needed to develop my vocation somewhat more, and afterward I got a proposal from Reality Kings on their new channel called ‘genuine novices’ and I shot three scenes for them.” Looks like the future for her in pornos is pretty splendid!

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