Celebrity Chef David Chang Won $1 Million – And He’s Giving It All to Restaurant Workers

VIP gourmet specialist David Chang, originator of the uncontrollably fruitful Momofuku café brand, is an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the culinary world, but at the same time he’s lovely canny on a ton of different fronts also.

Momofuku implies fortunate peach, and karma was positively with Chang when he sank his teeth into the top prize on a week ago’s scene of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’

Winning 1,000,000 bucks might be probably pretty much as energizing as life gets and Chang was absolutely stunned to have defied expectations—however significantly more exciting was the possibility of exactly how all that cash would be spent.

That is on the grounds that regardless of what he acquired on the show, Chang had effectively reserved his rewards to go to a cause that is precious to him: the Southern Smoke Foundation, a crisis alleviation store for people in the food and refreshment industry.

As per their site, until this point, the Southern Smoke Foundation has “disseminated more than $5.7 million, both straightforwardly to individuals in need through the Emergency Relief Fund and to associations that address the requirements of individuals in our industry.”

While Southern Smoke was set up in 2017, COVID-19’s staggering effect on cafés, bars, and catering organizations in 2020 has made the requirement for monetary emergency intercession even more earnest.

“I’m respected to the point that Dave picked Southern Smoke as his cause,” originator Chris Shepherd told CNN. “Presently, like never before, with indoor feasting shut down in numerous pieces of the country and temperatures dropping to forbid open air eating, food and refreshment industry representatives are frantic.”

Celebrity Chef David Chang won $1 million. He's giving it ...

At the point when Chang arrived at the $500,000 mark, Millionaire host Jimmy Kimmel forewarned him that no VIP hopeful had at any point brought home “the huge check.” Chang truly thought about leaving, however confiding in his karma, he chose to bet everything.

“Having 1,000,000 dollars at the present time, at this time, is a distinct advantage for some, numerous families,” he said during the show. “Furthermore, indeed, a large portion of 1,000,000 is also… and I need to say ‘No, simply take the cash!’— yet I’m definitely not.”

With the assistance of help mate, ESPN journalist Mina Kimes—who instructed him that Benjamin Harrison was likely the primary U.S. President to have power in the White House—Chang offered his last response.

Inside the space of seconds the set emitted in festival.

“Continuously needed to hold a monster keep an eye on TV,” Millionaire author/chief Alan Yang spouted, tweeting a photograph of Chang, Kimmel, the check, and himself. “Much obliged @MillionaireTV! Asian random data dream group ftw.”

While the camera-accommodating huge check is likely a phase prop, the cash it addresses will have an enormous effect. Southern Smoke appraises Chang’s million-dollar “fortunate peach” will profit around 500 food and refreshment laborers out of luck.

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