CCTV Captures Naked Man Chasing Woman Down Deserted Road In A Rape Attempt

CCTV film shows sickening video of a n*ked man pursuing a lady in the downpour around a sea shore resort in Brazil trying to overwhelm and assault her.

Chilling video arose of a lady running for her life from a n*ked driver in an obvious assault on an abandoned street.

The lady, who can’t be recognized, was strolling alone in the downpour around a sea shore resort in Buzios, Brazil, on Tuesday morning.


CCTV film shows the lady strolling along the edge of the isolated street while protecting herself from downpour with an umbrella.

She seems to see the vehicle driving gradually behind her and steps onto the grass skirt when it pulls up before her.

It is hazy whether the clueless lady understands the driver was totally exposed when he rises up out of the vehicle, as a large part of the silver Ford Ka appears as though it is protecting his lower half from see.

He unexpectedly pursues the casualty as the lady begins to shout for help.


The pair vanish off screen and surveillance cameras don’t enlist the second the attacker finds her.

Later the man is seen running back to his vehicle and driving off prior to getting back to the city’s fundamental courses.

Police said the speculate attempted to get the casualty around the midriff in the wake of pursuing her.

They accept he would have overwhelmed her in the event that she had not had the solidarity to pull away and run shouting for help.

The endeavored rape clearly happened far out of observation cameras however administrators checking the disturbing occurrence quickly recognized the suspect by focusing in on the vehicle’s tags.

The n*ked debase, who has not been named, was captured around the same time.

He was kept inside only hours and accused of the lesser wrongdoing of lewd behavior awaiting additional examinations.

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