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Walmart Employee Caught On Camera Responding To Customer’s Special Request

While she was making a quick trip to her local Walmart for a prescription refill, Meghann Shaw witnessed something that she will never forget. She was busy with her errand, but she could not ignore the magical thing she was witnessing in the aisles of the store. A Walmart employee went out of her way to offer help to an elderly blind man as he navigated the confusing and massive aisles of the shopping center.

Shaw could not believe it. She had heard about moments like this but knew that this was her chance to captured something heartwarming and good on camera. She did not delay. She took out her phone and snapped a few images of the employee helping the old blind man find what he needed.

“No one will ever be able to feel the happiness that overcame me when I saw this,” Shaw tells Yahoo Style.

Shaw is a single mother of one child. She knows what it means to struggle. But she could only imagine the difficulty the blind elderly customer was dealing with as he tried to get the stuff he needed to restock his household.

She shared the image on Facebook along with the following caption:

“I’ve been trying to place the right words into this post for a little while now. Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to Biloxi Walmart to pick up a prescription. While in there I noticed a store associate and an elderly blind man walking hand in hand. She escorted him throughout the store. With all the hate in the world, she gave love. Without the man seeing her, she showed him pure compassion and love. Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So who was this wonderful Walmart employee? It was Brittany Walton. She worked at that Walmart location since 2014 and has a heart of gold. Her job is as a customer service associate, so when she saw the opportunity to offer the blind man service as he shopped.

Because she did something so special, Walton became a viral sensation.

In an interview with Yahoo Style, she said: “I didn’t wait for a manager to tell me what to do; I rushed to help him because it was the right thing to do.”

Walton referred to the elderly blind man as Mr. Roy. They shopped for over two hours together. During that time, he told her about his life. He also told her how he was shopping for a mug for a woman he liked, who was also visually impaired.

“He was the sweetest man; he really opened up to me, and I just listened,” she said. “Sometimes what people need is someone to listen because they feel alone.”

Walton said that helping Mr. Roy gave her great pleasure.

“I told him I was going to show him love and compassion,” she said. “He showed me that too.”

While helping Mr. Roy was special, being a kind person is just the way Walton is.

“I show love and compassion; it’s in my heart. I felt he needed help, and I just did it,” Walton said.


Terrifying Video Shows Two Young Kids Chasing Down Their Brother’s Kidnapper

Children in America seem to face more danger every day. In our modern times, depraved people are armed with tools like the internet, which can give them unprecedented access to our kids. But there are also creeps out there who skirt the newfangled technology to nab kids any way they can get them. These would-be kidnappers wait for a moment of weakness when a vulnerable child is alone or out of view of an adult – and then they swoop in like wraiths and steal that child away from his or her family.

This boy was one such victim – until his siblings came to his rescue.

At the time of this incident, Owen Wright was just 22-months-old. He was playing in a park along with his older siblings, eight-year-old Delicia Wright and ten-year-old Brenden Wright. The three siblings were spending time at their babysitter’s home and had taken an excursion out to a nearby park in Sprague, Washington.

Everything was dandy until a strange man approached the children and started chatting them up. Brenden and Delicia knew not to talk to strangers. They left and went about their business. But Owen was too young to know the dangers this man posed. He kept talking to the man, getting drawn into his words like a victim into a spider’s web.

The older children tried to get the man to leave them alone. But he wouldn’t. He kept talking to them and getting closer and closer.

That’s when the older kids yelled at Owen to get in his stroller. The toddler, realizing the fear in the other children’s voices, made a move toward the safety of his stroller. But that’s when the kidnapper struck!

The man swooped little Owen up into his arms. He took him from his stroller and then started walking away. The boy was terrified.

Delicia and Brenden were determined to save their little brother. They chased after the kidnapper to confront him. Because they were good runners and quick, they caught up to the man and kept pace with him.

Then the man really started to run – and the children were lost in his dust.

Delicia started to scream for help! She screamed until other people began to notice.

Two teenagers, Andrew and Isaac, heard the girl’s screams and came over. These boys quickly picked up the scenario and chased the kidnapper.

The man realized that the teens were catching up to him. They were strong and filled with virile energy – unlike him. Defeated, he dropped Owen to the pavement and fled the scene.

Thankfully, Owen was safe. But the family wanted to catch the kidnapper. Delicia described the “man” who stole her baby brother. Before long, it was apparent that the kidnapper was not a man at all but a fifteen-year-old boy who attended the same school as the children.

The kidnapper was easily found and arrested. He is now locked away in juvenile detention.

If Owen had not been with his children, he would have become another kidnapping statistic. What do you think about the bravery of his siblings?

This Convicted Child Molester Didn’t Last Six Weeks In Prison Before Street Justice Is Served

When a 22-year-old pedophile was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to prison, the child molester did not survive long in the big house. Just weeks into his sentence, the molester, who abused a five-year-old boy, was found dead in his prison cell. Daniel Davey was convicted on six counts of sexually abusing a boy. And the convicted sex offender was sentenced to 78 months in prison. He started his sentence on December 1.

Davey, who worked at McDonald’s, did not survive long with the other prisoners. On January 12, Davey was found dead in his prison cell at HMP Bullington in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Davey’s crimes were atrocious. He sexually abused a boy, who was five and six during the 18-months of horror. He molested the boy six different times in 2015 and 2016.

Since the convicted criminal was found dead in his cell, the Ministry of Justice stepped forward to report that the death would go through an investigation by the Prison Service Ombudsman.

Last week, an inquest was made into his death. And this was adjourned to a future date that has yet to be determined.

Davey was found in HMP Bullingdon. This resettlement prison houses 1,109 adult and young adult prisoners, the Daily Mail reports.

Davey had abused his child victim while he lived and worked in Chippenham. And when the boy told his mother that he had done “something dirty,” she learned that he had been a victim of the horrible crime. And the jury heard every word of this and did not show leniency on Davey. Apparently, his fellow inmates also did not have sympathy for the man who molested the little boy.

When the victim’s mother learned what Davey had done, she called the police. They found the molester’s DNA in the child’s underwear.

Another witness testified in the case against the molester. This person told the court that they had witnessed an image in Davey’s possession that showed a man sexually abusing a child who was about 13 years old, Daily Mail reports. This witness confronted Davey about the lewd image, and the molester said it was sent to him as a joke. The police were unable to obtain this image from him because he disposed of it and his computer before he was charged and arrested.

While in court, Davey denied everything. But the jury saw through his lies. And he was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Other allegations had been levied against the molester. But he was acquitted of this third charge that claimed he had touched a boy’s bum.

Besides his prison sentence, Davey registered as a sex offender and would need to serve a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The convict also had a restraining order put in place to protect the victim further.

Right now his death is being investigated. But it is likely that one of his inmates decided to administer prison justice when they learned that Davey had sexually molested a tiny boy.

What do you think happened behind those prison walls?

Woman Faces Life In Prison For Shooting The Man Who Raped Her

When an Alabama woman shot dead her rapist as he tried to kill her brother, the state took no pity on her. Despite being victimized and raped and threatened with death, 32-year-old Brittany Smith now faces life in prison because Alabama has no sympathy for her situation. Although 38-year-old Todd Smith beat and raped her at her home in Stevenson, Alabama, in January 2018, and she took self-defensive measures, she could be locked away for the rest of her days.

Following the sexual assault, Todd threatened to murder Brittany if she reported it. However, she did tell her brother, Chris McCallie, about what happened. And he defied her wishes to remain silent. Instead, he barged into the Smith home to confront rapist Todd about what he had done to Brittany.

Todd refused to leave Brittany. That’s when things escalated. Todd (above) and Chris got into a violent fight, which forced Brittany to intervene. Because Todd had raped and beat her, she aimed the household firearm at him and fired. This gunshot ended the fight, and then Brittany called the police to report the incident.

A rape kit showed that Brittany suffered severe injuries from being raped by Todd. Nevertheless, Alabama charged the rape victim with Todd’s murder even though she only fired to save her brother’s life from the violent sex offender.

Brittany’s police interview was published on Monday because her lawyers want the public to know how senseless the Alabama prosecutors are acting in this case. Brittany is on trial and prepared to argue her case with the Stand Your Ground defense that is very popular in Alabama. This defense allows people to shoot and kill if someone threatens them.

However, Alabama has a long history of punishing rape victims. If found guilty, Brittany will not be the first woman in the state to be locked away after accusing a man of sexual assault or domestic violence. Often the victims get punished when they try to protect themselves and hurt their assailants in the process.

In the years leading up to the January 2018 rape, Brittany had struggled. But that month, things seemed on the up and up. She was recently divorced and still in charge of the lives of four children. Following a grueling custody battle, she lost custody of her three eldest children in 2013 because she struggled with substance abuse problems. But she had recently gotten increased visitation rights leading up to the violent sexual assault that was perpetrated upon her.

“I felt uplifted. Like, everything is going right,” she told The New Yorker. “I have a job now, I’m going to get my babies back, and I have a home.”

Then Todd (pictured), an acquaintance who bred pit bulls, broke down her bedroom door when she rejected his romantic advances. He choked her until she passed out, and then he raped her.

When he finished, he threatened to kill her and everyone she loved if she reported the crime. She didn’t listen to him. Eventually, her brother learned the details, and she had to kill Todd Smith to save his life.


VIDEO: Women Gets Caught On a Doorbell Giving Birth In a Parking Lot

On June 19, 2020, Susan Anderson’s life would forever change. She had gone into labor and was rushing to Natural Birth Works in Coral Springs, but her baby girl, Julia, had other plans. Anderson was horrified as she felt her unborn daughter’s head poking out when she reached the first step outside the medical center. Because the Florida mom was overcome with labor pains, she could no longer walk – and then she started to give birth to the baby girl in the Natural Birth Works parking lot.

Footage from Ring, a doorbell camera service, captured the moment when the midwife caught the newborn baby from falling to the ground in the parking lot. If the midwife wasn’t there, then the baby would have fallen to the ground and been injured on the first day of her life.

In the shocking footage, Anderson’s husband grips her arm as two police officers stand helplessly aside as the newborn baby slips out from between the pregnant woman’s legs. While the cops were present, it was a hero midwife, Sandra Lovaina, who saved the day. She reached forward and grabbed the baby before the little one fell to the pavement and smashed her head on it.

The police officers almost get involved in the incident. Thankfully, they listen to Sandra Lovaina (above) when she tells them to keep their distance because Anderson was in the middle of childbirth and needed a professional to help.

“It’s OK, it’s OK, I’m a midwife, she’s going to have a baby,” Lovaina said. The cops respond with laughter as they enjoy Anderson’s terrifying predicament.

Anderson screams at this point, and Lovaina reaches forward and saves baby Julia from the parking lot pavement. And when she removes Julia completely from Anderson’s body, the family can finally make their way into the medical center to get the sterile care they need. As they come into the area, the police laugh at the mother.

Lovaina is a very experienced midwife. She admittedly was involved in some crazy births during her career but said that she never experienced anything quite like this before.

“Not in the parking lot. Babies sometimes come really quickly. You just got to be, you got to be quick. Put your gloves on, just go,” she said.

The owner of Natural Birth Works is Gelena Hinkley. Hinkley also served as a midwife and admitted that this birth was a very unique situation.

“She had been our client before. We’ve done her other delivery, and round two was just a lot faster,” she said. “No one was expecting it to be that fast.”

The medical center shared a Facebook update about surprising birth in their parking lot.

“Mom & baby are doing amazing, and we can all laugh at how awesome this birth was. Especially because the cops looked pretty shell shocked,” they wrote in the post. “Multitasking by catching a baby and letting them know we were all good was quite the experience! One of the most exciting births of 2020.”

Anderson is glad her story has gone viral.

The mom said, “If this gives people a little joy or a little encouragement during this time, it’s for the better.”


Boy Harasses Grocery Store Workers, Gets Instant Karma From Hid Dad (VIDEO)

Now more than ever, America is seeing how important grocery store workers and other essential workers are to keeping the American economy up and running. Not only would people literally starve if grocery store workers did not brave the pandemic to show up to work and stock shelves and sell produce, but the economy would also come crashing down. If COVID-19 does anything, it should help show corporations and big businesses how essential “grunt” workers like grocery store clerks and store associates are and force them to provide mandatory sick time, vacation, and other benefits.

However, not everyone recognizes the value of grocery store workers and other essential employees at Asda. An ignorant teen and his friends are caught on camera verbally abusing grocery store workers when they’re needed more than ever. One woman was unwilling to stand for the abuse, so she stepped forward and confronted the boys. But the bully and his goons shot right back, insulting her, yelling: “F***, how old are you? You look about 80.”

People did not like hearing the teen yell at the hard-working grocery store clerk like that. Not only are these essential employees braving the pandemic so other people can eat, they’re putting their health at risk because they get exposed to a lot of people – some of whom might be carrying the coronavirus that causes the deadly disease.

Fortunately, the father of one of the boys showed up on scene and started filming. He then confronts his son and challenges him to be a better human being. The father starts off by demanding that his bullying soon apologize to the grocery store workers who are keeping people alive during the pandemic. When his son did that, dad posted the video on Facebook to make sure other people saw how grocery store workers deserve every ounce of respect right now.

The father described the video as a “public apology to all the members of staff and public at Asda yesterday.”

He wrote: “For everyone who has seen a video of this boy threatening members of staff at Asda yesterday. As a dad I have never been more disgusted and mortified with my son in my life. He has not been brought up to behave in this manner and I do not condone his behavior at all. Just to let you all know, the police have been notified and evidence has been sent – it is now over to them to decide what they wish to do.”

The dad added, “Also the police were notified at the first point of call when he was not back from his daily exercise. Both myself and my wife take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. I just want to point out for those who blame the parents this is not, and I repeat not, how we have brought him up. He will be thoroughly punished, and this will not happen again.”

Overall, people were pleased that dad forced his bully son to face the music.

“Now that’s a proper Dad, I wish more parents could be like that,” one person said, “He’s lucky to have the father he has, there’s hope for him yet. Respect, sir.”

What do you think about the response?

Mom Teaches Ungrateful Daughter A Lesson For Throwing Her Present In The Trash

As a single mother, Haley Hassell needs to practice “tough love” or her young daughter is going to walk all over her. However, being a tough mom can be hard sometimes. But not this time! After Haley bought her “ungrateful” six-year-old daughter the coolest and most popular pencil holder that she could find, the girl threw it into the trash and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum – and mom was not going to allow any of it.

Haley, from Florida, wrote about how she punished her daughter for the tantrum after she went through hopes to get the little girl the exact pencil case that she wanted. Because the daughter, Presleigh, “needed” to have the specially-branded pencil holder, mom searched high and low for it and eventually came across the perfect one. However, the little girl hurled the gift into the trash like it was disgusting to refuse because she was unable to handle her emotion of frustration.

“Ms. Presleigh learned a tough love lesson today,” Haley wrote in the Facebook rant. “I went to 3 different stores to get that LOL pencil box you see in the trash there. When I surprised her with it this afternoon (just knowing she would be ecstatic), she stared at it and threw it in the trash and slammed the bedroom door. She yelled, “that’s stupid. Everyone in my class has that. I don’t want it anymore!”

The single mother added, “..WHHHHAT STOP COME AGAIN? Okay So by this time there was Probably smoke coming out of my ears, and I’m trying really hard not to completely lose it on this kid that I have worked so hard to completely take care of financially on my own & make sure she always gets what she needs and then some. BUT I thought I had always taught her to be grateful & know how lucky she was, but apparently, sis needed a small wake up call!!”

“SO before completely going Madea mad on my child I check myself and say, “okay that’s fine, let me go get the one you’re going to use”…came back with her new pencil box, which is the Ziploc bag. She lost her mind!”

She continued: “Suddenly the LOL Box she just trashed was good enough, and the Ziploc bag was horrible…but it’s too late for all that. I told her to get the LOL out of the trash, and we would be finding a child to give it to tomorrow..one whose mommy and daddies don’t have money for any school supplies or someone who may not even have a mommy or daddy.”

“I explained to her she’s not entitled to anything special, and she is taking for granted how lucky she is…” the single mom said. “So for now, she will be using a Ziploc bag & will personally be delivering the nice box to a child that could benefit from it. Maybe I overreact sometimes, but I would’ve done anything to have all the things she does as a child.”

“I truly believe changing your perception & just being grateful can turn around any situation in life. #UngratefulnessDONTflyOverHere”

This mom refused to let her daughter be a brat. Hopefully, other parents will follow her example.


Armed Group Of Civilians Just Stopped 300 Illegal Immigrants At The Border

Along the southern border of the United States with Mexico, some civilians are getting down and dirty with people trying to cross the border to seek asylum in the United States. However, instead of being met with safety when these people cross the border, they’re met with American civilians armed with guns who are suffering from “trigger finger.” Now the ACLU is looking to investigate these armed civilian militia groups who are using their second amendment right to terrorize migrants at the border.

The United Constitutional Patriots, an armed group of civilians, took their weapons and held more than 300 migrants hostage at gunpoint after they caught them illegally crossing the southern border into the United States. The armed militia detained these people in the Sunland Park area of the state.

The group claims to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” although they have been caught illegally holding people prisoners against their will. They were caught stalking the southern border in Sunland Park, New Mexico on a search for migrants.

The group live-streamed their interaction with the migrants on April 16. It was shared on Facebook by a member of the United Constitutional Patriots and showed the armed American citizens using their weapons to detain the families and children trying to cross the border into the United States. The video starts as the armed militia group is already joined by the United States Border Patrol vehicle and agents at the scene.

One of the members of the militia group says: “This is an invasion and it’s never, never-ending.” He is referring to the several hundred migrants who have to cross the border to get into the United States to seek asylum from bad conditions in Central America.

Although the militia group claims that they’re not violating any laws, many people disagree with that claim. That’s why the American Civil Liberties Union, a group that has been defending the constitution for decades, has called the militia group’s actions “unlawful” and wants there to be a criminal investigation.

The New Mexico ACLU wrote a letter to the Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas requesting they “investigate an armed vigilante group currently engaged in the unlawful detention of hundreds of migrants near New Mexico’s southern border.”

The letter continues: “An armed fascist militia organization describing itself as the United Constitutional Patriots arrested nearly three hundred people seeking safety in the United States, including young children, near Sunland Park, New Mexico. Other videos appear to show arrests in the past few hours. The vigilante members of the organization, including Jim Benvie, who posted videos and photographs of the unlawful arrests to social media, are not police or law enforcement and they have no authority under New Mexico or federal law to detain or arrest migrants in the United States.”

Do you agree with the ACLU that this group of militiamen should be investigated from crimes? Or do you think they are following the law?

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